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A short message from the webmaster... 16th Sept
Just to let you guys know, we haven't given up on the site.  I've had lots of problems recently which restricted me from carrying out proper updated over the last few weeks.  Be assured that there will be regular updates commencing very soon.  If you're on our mailing list then you'll be the first to know when there's an update.  Check out the forums, as they're buzzin' as high as ever.  Lastly our condolences go out to the victims, their families, and their friends, regarding the New York disaster.
Sonic Adventure 2 Reviewed 4th August
Don't you just think that the picture of Shadow looks darn cool?  I don't mean any old cool, I mean darn cool!  Oh right, hasn't it loaded up yet? Bah, 56K modems.. Anyway just before Mike left for Switzerland he reviewed Sonic Adventure 2!  So it is my duty to present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the review!  Oh man I love my job ^_^  Review >>
Spiderman reviewed 28th July
Spider-Man started off many years ago as a comic character from those fine people at Marvel. They made our days of youth such fun. Soon, it started to spawn (forgive the pun) a cartoon, games, and all sorts of merchandise that puts filthy rich companies in the state that they are now.

Now that we've engaged you into Spiderman sensing mode, get on to the review! >>

The Saga of the Staff - Issue 7!  

Let me start off by saying that Andy is the absolute don of writing stories!!  This issue is packed with new characters, twists, humour, a plot... (yes a plot!) and 2 separate adventures!  Join the crew alongside gay boy Ryo Hazuki, Aika, funky Ulala and the Nemesis.. who actually busts a move!  Read, read, go on, READ! >>

Worms world party reviewed  
Worms.  A gardeners alternative to a pitching fork.  Worms help the rain soak into the soil to reach the stranded roots of plants.. they are gentle harmless creatures.. WELL NOT THESE WORMS!  These worms have one mission, to destroy!  Don't be fooled by their cute and adorable faces, they can kick batty.. alot!!  I've almost lost the plot, quick, read the review of Worms world party!! >>
Skies of Arcadia reviewed! 7th July
Must be a lucky day today, 2 whole reviews!  All thanks to the new staff member.  We've had Shenmue with its ground breaking storyline and Phantasy Star Online for its (no surprises here) unique online play system.  Here is a newcomer looking for a piece of the DC's RPG action, Skies of Arcadia!  Read on to the review >>
Sonic Shuffle Reviewed!  
Following in the steps of Nintendo with "Mario Party" this is Sega's own show (involving Sonic of course!) in the forum of "Sonic Shuffle".  Does the game do the little hedgehog some justice?  Read the review by Misagh here! >> 
New Staff member!  
Just when you thought "where's the darn staff gone to" we have a new member!  Misagh Mahmoudi is the name, and gaming 24/7 is his game!  A UK guy like ourselves, he likes to play, play, and play some more.  Oh and he likes to review games too, lots of new reviews coming your way courtesey of him!  Check out this statistics at his staff page! >>
Saga of the Staff - Episode 6!  
We know how much you've all been gagging for the next in the adventure series from Andy!  This episode, titled "When good things go bad.." sees the staff go off into different adventures; read on to see what happens! >>
Top 20 Dreamcast games - Your vote results in! 23rd June

Hey all.  We've collected all your results, published them, and look here there are!  Behold, the biggest and best DC fan site survey of its kind in the UK!  Enough of me blabbing on, check out the results and see if you're one of the 4 lucky people who've won a DC game! >>

"Fifi's are well rounded and fun to play with!"  
After her application as a stripper at a Micro$oft penthouse was rejected, (reason: "we don't accept bunny girls") Fifi Honey is back with an article titled "Fifi's are round and fun to play with!" which has nothing to do with the penthouse job, I swear!  Go and read it! >>
LOTS of  MP3's added to the downloads section
Yup, you heard correctly!  No ifs, no buts, no broken links and certainly no bull.  We've got new MP3 files from Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Metropolis Street Racer, Street Fighter Double Impact and Chu Chu Rocket!  Get em before they run away!  Oh ok they're here to stay, but my job is to make the whole thing sound more exciting!  MP3's will now be added on a weekly basis! Damn this excitement! >>
We have... a new affiliate!  
We welcome our new affiliates, who threatened to sign us up to gay porn mail unless we affiliated with them... "erm.. ok.." The real new affiliate is which contains (no surprises here) an archive of Dreamcast game covers! "Oh bad ass I can download covers for all my dodgy white label cds now!" I didn't say that.. bookmark their webby and it'll come in handy.
We rival major porn sites!  
Apparently, the most popular search engine keyword performed to access our forums are the words "kasumi nude"!!  Even so, we rank #1 in and under the search of "kasumi nude"!  That's not all, a few adventurous people have propped into the forums expecting to find some "resident evil porn" and lots of "doa2 nude".  Well.. seems though we attract quite a diversified crowd!  To see the no-nude-here-at-all forums, click here >>
Confidential Mission Reviewed 15th June
It's time to revive your DC light gun as there's a new light gun compatible game in town from the boys at Hitmaker.  It gave our Sam something different to point at his TV set for a change.. ahem.. but is it as good as The House of the Dead 2 though? >>
Claire Redfield wallpaper added  
Claire looks like she's ready to kick some serious zombie ass in this artwork wallpaper!  There are now 43 lovely wallpapers made from the DCS crew available for download in the archive. >>
Test Drive Le Mans 24 hours racing 2nd opinion  
I could have just said "Le Mans racing 2nd opinion" but what the hell.. we need a big catchy title for Michael's 2nd opinion that's almost as long as a full review!  I was planning on doing a 2nd opinion seeing as I got this game last week.. oh well.. Michael got the privilege.. hehee.. check it out here >>
How to make a boot disk - tutorial updated 2nd June
I've uploaded both the boot disk image onto our own server, for more reliable downloads.  I also had a lot of people telling me that the previous Nero link pointed to an expired demo, so this problem has now been fixed. >>
Official UK Dreamcast game charts 31st May

You can now see the official UK Dreamcast game charts every week on Dreamcast Source!  Here are the charts for week ending 26th May >> 

More Jet Set/Grind Radio wallpaper!  
Check it out, an update in between exams!  I've had quite a lot of requests for more JSR wallpapers, and as everyone know how much I love this game, I couldn't resist!  This wallpaper has a groovy "arty" feel.. give it a look! >>
Saga of the staff - Episode 5!  
Andy has just written up episode 5 of his thrilling series that follows the staff of DCS (us!) through lots of different games!  Wanna know what happened to Alfred? and Faz.. is he still feminine? Better not be, buddy!  Check this mega-kick-ass-stic story out here >> 
More Street Fighter wallpaper goodies!  
Sam delivers another bunch of beautifully drawn wallpapers.  This time, we have Street Fighter bird Cammy, and thee sophisticated madam Helena from the babe-tastic Dead or Alive 2.  Enjoy.. drool.. or wank.. the choice is yours =) >>
Sonic 2 wallpaper!  
Fresh from my 40GB hard drive (just had to rub that in!) comes a Sonic 2 wallpaper.  800x600 and 1024x768 varieties as usual.  That's about it.. err.. no really, that's all! >>
3 Street Fighter Artwork wallpapers added  
We've had 100's of requests for more Street Fighter wallpaper, so this update is going to make a lot of you hApPy!  All 3 wallpapers contain SF artwork by Sam Smith himself.  I just made him sound like someone famous.... but he's actually one of us and he has great artistic talent man! me wishes I could draw like that :(  Ah well, at least I get to update the site!  38 wallpapers in total now >>
Dreamcast Release schedule for May/June/July  13th May
If you thought that DC games were running dry, then think again!  You'll be surprised at how many games are still to come over the next few months.  Check out our comprehensive release schedule with lots of information on the upcoming games >>

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