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We say it like it is.  There has been a lot of crap on the internet over the last few weeks surrounding SEGA.  People all over are confused.  We decided to sum up all the facts into a no-bull feature to answer all your SEGA questions.  We look at the current SEGA situation and let you know exactly what they have planned next... >> 


Is video game violence getting out of hands?  Is blowing the decomposing head off a mindless zombie in Resident Evil morally insane?  Click above to read an interesting conversional type feature...


An outlook of Shenmue 2, updated frequently with details and pictures of the upcoming sequel to the best game of 2000.


The results of the DreamcastSource Awards 2000 are revealed in all their glory!


Shienmue misthakes

The tup 10 spellin mistaykes of Sheimue.



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