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Fifi here again for you weekly dose of the inside Sega sagas.

This week has been quite entertaining for several reasons, some good, but most of them not so good.

To celebrate the launch of two games which we hope will be top sellers, namely Quake 3 Arena and Ultimate Fighting Championship. Sega decided to hold two special tournaments. A good idea, but as usual there was a catch, we would not advertise it to the mainstream! A questionable logic but it went ahead, flyers were sent out promoting these two tournaments.

Game tournaments vary depending on who attends them. Well I was involved in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Tournament, so I watched the DVD to get some background knowledge, but all this seem to be in vain. Why? Well Sega had neglected to get anyone or anything from the UFC, so instead we were fortunate to get some blonde woman who fights in the WWF.

The day came and we all headed to a large warehouse where a mock cage battling ring had been constructed, inside there was a Dreamcast running UFC. The action was viewed on 3 large screen television.

Unfortunately for some reason we were unable to park on the warehouse grounds. After a heated discussion we were forced to park in the local multi-storey car park. The blonde WWF woman, who's name I forget had come along in her costume, and whilst she walk from the car park to the warehouse we got a lot of attention, and people followed us. When I say people I mean men.

The tournament attracted quite a bit of attention but not for our game, instead it turned it a photo shoot for the WWF woman. Eventually we manage to sit her next to a copy of the game and got some images which we may use but I doubt it. Our UFC tournament was a relative flop. The Quake 3 one went well though apparently.

So without WWF woman we would have got zero attendance. Are scantily clad pretty woman the way forward for game promotional? Well the most popular game in our office, still after 6 months is Dead or Alive 2. A good game, but would it be as popular if the girlies didn't have bouncing bossoms? I await the third part when we will finally get to see Jann Lee's penis flopping around.

As you may have read Sega have exhausted their advertising budget. On what, you may be asking…Well the Tombraider 4 advert and the MSR advert. So expect to see little DC promotion over the next few festive weeks. Another memo has been sent around, the women hope that it is a joke. Basically all woman [under 26] are to contact game magazines and be interviewed. The goal being that if young boys may see a pretty girl and then buy a dreamcast!

Some times I begin to think that we at Sega are pretty incompetent. Craig's Shenmue spellings are spot on, even head bods at Sega can not spell it, Shenmoo any one? I thought not.

Well I got my new waitress dress. It is a santa type outfit, we have to wear a matching leotard as when we bend over the dress fails to cover our bottoms. Hey it makes men spend more, so maybe Sega do have the right idea….

Fifi Honey

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