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Check out the results of our explosive top 20 Dreamcast games, compiled from readers votes! >>

The official DC game charts for week ending 26th May 2001 >>

Now this is going to be useful, considering how many PAL games are missing out on online modes that the USA game versions got. It's time you all learned about the wonders of import games.  Mike gives you the A to Z of import games, so to make sure you don't miss out on the online Daytona races or Unreal Tourny fragging, read on! >>

1. How to make a boot CD >>

2. How to play MP3s on your Dreamcast >>

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Release schedule for May/June/July 2001 Mike, Andy
Import 4 Dummies! Mike
DC top 20 readers award Andy
How to make a boot CD Faz
How to play MP3s on your Dreamcast Faz
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March - April 2001 release schedule Andy
February release schedule for Europe Faz, Andy, Mike
Is this the end of Sega? Andy and Mike
Farnation - What we've been waiting for! Andy
DCS game Awards 2000 - results! Andy
Interactive Violence - is there too much? Faz
Top 10 mis-spells of "Shenmue" Craig


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