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18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker

Ever wanted to sit behind the huge dash of an 18 wheeler? Well.. you can't..  so tough luck mate, buh bye.  

Oh.. yeh almost forgot!  Well, courtesy of Sega's love for arcade games development, you can do just that in the form of 18 wheeler American Pro Trucker!  Think of it as Crazy Taxi on 18 wheels!  Check out Andy's preview of this upcoming game >>



Pro Pinball Trilogy

Ok.. we're feeling suicidal after having to wait this long for the Dreamcast version of Half Life.  Looking on the bright side though, the first Pinball game for the Dreamcast arrives this month from Dreamcast freshies Empire Interactive.  Is it going to be any good?  Is it actually going to make use of the Dreamcasts horse-power?  Well.. guess what? >>


When a game looks this good, you may just forget about your girlfriend! (hope I don't get in any crap for saying that!)  No need to turn to your PSX for the best RPGs.  Alongside PSO and Grandia 2, SoA looks top notch! >>


You are Gordon, a simple-minded fella who works at a disused missile base that has been converted to something very hush hush. Scientists have found a way of opening a portal that leads to another dimension, where there is some pretty nasty stuff on the other side... >>


Sonic Adventure 2
With the other machines ready to launch their mascots next year, Sonic 2 has to make a big impact on the video gaming market.  You hear 2 words, "Sonic Team" and "Sonic", <this is where you get excited> all is revealed.. >>




"So like the rest of us, you have your copy of Shenmue pre-ordered! You have heard the hype again and again. Well, now it is time to wet your appetite more!"



Phantasy Star Online

"It has been a while since Sega have released a title in this franchise, but Sonic Team (the developers of crazy puzzler, ChuChu Rocket!) are bringing the series back to life in an online format.



Space Channel 5

"I cannot wait for this game to be released! It is a fun game that will keep you with a huge grin plastered on your face at all times! It is a joy to play, and looks so stylish you could drool!"





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