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Fifi here again, bringing you the inside shenanigans of Sega.

Since the most publicised demise of the Dreamcast my workload has increased ten fold. All those PlayStation magazines need information on the company and games they use to mock.

So it seems that to coin a phrase;

"To be this good takes Ages,

To be this good takes Sony"

A few weeks ago when Sega fans were distraught with the news that their machine was on video games death row, another Sega party was held. What should be a fun and exciting event, is suddenly dashed as once again it is Sega Europe organising the party.

The aim of the party was to publicise the new Sega games on DC and other formats. So once again as-per-normal Sega had the same idea they always have, that is to hire people to dress up as their game characters. So again we saw girls of all shapes and sizes in pink wigs and skirts, obviously Ulala's groupies, and some guy in a brown leather jacket and jeans.

This poor guy was almost turned away due to his appearance. A Sega rep had to explain that this guy was dressed this way promoting Shenmue 2. Yes he was Ryo.

As this party was more important than previous ones, our pa firm had to dress in white and wear our 'Seasons PA' t-shirts. This was not a popular decision, so me and some of the girls bought some white leather trousers. So when we arrived we got a lot of coverage, though we did come in just behind Roller girl, so that could explain the attention we got.

The evening started with a Sega bod thanking our PA firm for our continuing support, then the lights went down and games took centre stage. First up was a video montage of Sega's 1st party big 3. The games were Sonic Adventure 2, which looks good with new characters. Shadow [black sonic] though I still think that Dark Sonic sounds better, and Rouge the bat. In the clip we saw she was working with Shadow. Knuckles was present but the cute Tails wasn't. Next game Shenmue 2, which look like Shenmue 1. Nothing revolutionary, but it did look prettier. Finally the screen went black and a zombie appeared along with the text 'The House of the Dead 3'. Unfortunately that was all the new footage we were shown, the rest of the movie was clips from thotd1 and thotd2, edited together in a story fashion.

Then before we got to play a selection of brand new games, there was a 30 minute social time. I got something to drink and this guy began talking to me, apparently he was a freelance writer who writes for a magazine called 'POWER'. I said I had never heard of it. He told me how it was the best PlayStation magazine around, and how he gets to play all the latest games for free. Yawn. He obviously noticed that I was not interested and decided to bore me with how 'he has a life' and that his games job is just that.

Fortunately for me, one of my colleagues was nearby, so I politely excused myself and met up with her. Funnier still we just began talking to each other directly behind him! He went off to the bar.

The music started up again and Roller Girl was skating around and getting most of the male attention, this obviously angered one of the space channel 5 girlies, as she tripped up Roller Girl. Men rushed to her aid, but seemed to be slowly dragging her along the floor instead of helping her up. Roller Girl was not wearing any panties, so her Roller Girl flaps were there for all to see. Eventually Ryo turned up and helped her up. The rest of the evening was spent playing a few games.

Virtua Fighter 4 was brought up in conversation, but Sega Europe knew nothing. Apparently it is only on the Playstation 2 release list. Does Sega have anything special planned for the Dreamcast. I hope so otherwise there will be a lot of disappointed people.

Then again a Fighters Megamix 2 would go down a treat. Imagine Ulala, Samba-chan, and Honey fighting along side each other.  

More news when it happens. Keep visiting as with the impending disappearance of dc-uk and video gamer magazine, you will still need some excellent DC coverage, from the DCS team and that 'main reviewer'.. I like him.


Issue 4

Ulala's groupies in panties shocker!


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