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Fifi here again, slapping you hard with facts and entertainment.

April was the month when the Electronics Boutique/Game conference was held. The event lasts 3 days, I was present at one day, the day that all new games and machines were present.. and yes Xbox was there…I mean you couldn't really miss it what with it taking two men to carry it out!

Xbox is huge, I don't mean VCR huge, I mean Godzilla huge. Look at your PC, go on look at it. Now imagine it all black.. ta da! Xbox! Seriously it is the size of your PC, so all those comments about Xbox not being a PC is looking a little shaky. It does have 4 controller ports, though it could have had around 400 judging by the size of it. I really look forward to all the little kids having to have help carrying their Xbox home from the shops next year.

But who cares about what size it is, big is not always better.. take my word for it, big can really hurt sometime, and at present big is hurting Microsoft badly. The Xbox tech demo's were average and the little gaming footage they had really didn't impress that much. Sure that Malice game looks nice, but it is lacking something.. I am not going to say 'emotion' as I would probably get sued by a company anagram of instead Xbox games [so far] lack character. Photo realism, if I want that I will go outside and experience it first hand.

Sony was there with its sometime occasional noise machine aka PS2. This years big games were there also namely GT3, Wipeout Fusion and Metal Gear Solid 2, which may actually see a Christmas release. However the game that caught my attention most was Monkey Island, the PS2 incarnation of the recent PC game. However the PS2 was still being noisy, some games such as SFEX3, and the Metal Gear demo, have huge amounts of data which is constantly loaded of the disk. This makes you think that your PS2 is about to go into orbit, according to a SONY rep this is not a problem. Well it is for me, I have to put a blanket over my PS2 to quieten the disk whirring.

There was a few DC game present. Confidential Mission was the most popular, it successfully mixes The House Of the Dead's multiple route system with the Virtual Cop one hit kills philosophy. Also present was Crazy Taxi 2, it played the same as the original and was just as fun, however it remains to see how well it will do as many people still play Crazy Taxi 1 to this day. Games that I wanted to see like The House Of the Dead 3, and Gun Valkyrie were not present.

The new Gameboy Advance was available to play, the Mario game was good, but all we are getting is old games updated into a portable form. Now this may not be all that bad, I can name one person who is excited about a handheld street fighter, but in all honesty I still miss the neo-geo pocket.

Contrary to what all the Sega press releases and magazines are saying the Dreamcast will probably not make it to next year. Although the release list still has around 50 games on it, 35 of them are still 'TBC', and the ones that are being released are not 'must have' titles. Personally I expect that you will only buy a maximum of 4 DC games that are released this year. It is a sad time, but a tougher time is ahead. What new machine will you buy, what with Sega games on all major platforms. Personally I still stick to my PS2, Xbox may have better everything, but PS2 does have some good fun games, just play Kuri Kuri mix, it is great. I mean when was the last time we had an original game featuring bunnies…

[Jazz Jackrabbit if you were wondering]

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