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Yes, this is the first of many columns I will be writing for DCS. My columns will be about different subjects surrounding DC games each time. This time, I thought I’d write about one of my favourite game franchises ever! Yes, it is the Resident Evil series. I love those games! But do they have a future on the Dreamcast? Hmmm…

I bloody hope so! Also, it seems pretty likely (and in Capcom and Sega’s best interests) that the Resident Evil series will again surface on the good old DC. There have already been 2 games from the series. Another is promised, and two more are rumoured. Let me go through these.

The two that are already out for your DC are Resident Evil 2 – a port of the successful PlayStation game, and Resident Evil CODE: Veronica (click here to read the review!). The one that will be coming soon (promised) is the awesome Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (my favourite RE game!). The two rumoured for the DC are Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 4.

Apparently, Capcom are producing a ‘remixed’ version of their original survival horror classic, which could mean a lot at this stage. It could be that Capcom are completely remaking this classic – making it completely 3D like CV, or it could just mean that all the features included in the Directors Cut edition will be present along with some DC exclusive ones.

Also, Resident Evil 4 is rumoured to be coming! However, this is not confirmed. But it does make a lot of sense for this to be the case! For a start, the new game is rumoured to have online capabilities. The Dreamcast is the first console to have a modem built in – making it possible to play online games right out of the box (basically…)! Therefore, it is simply logical for the newest RE game to be on the DC. Plus, throw in the success had with Resident Evil CODE: Veronica and the fact that Capcom seems to want every game they have ever made (never mind the whole RE franchise!) to be on the Dreamcast! Anyhow, if it isn’t, I’ll be round at Capom’s HQ asking ‘why not’??!!

What will Resident Evil 4 be about though? There have been many rumours surrounding the game. These include speculation on the characters (Hunk – a secret character in RE2 and RE:CV, is rumoured to be a main character), the location of the game (apparently set in an Umbrella base), plot (Umbrella finally fall, supposedly) and the fact that there may well be online play, or at the least online features, included. However, I have decided that what the Resident Evil series really needs is one last game featuring the old cast to tie things up. What follows is what I would like the next Resident Evil game to be like…

Title: Resident Evil: Final Battle

Main (playable) characters: Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Carlos Oliviera and Chris Redfield.

Sub (playable) characters: Leon Kennedy, Sherry Burkin, Barry Burton and Claire Redfield.

Sub (non-playable) characters: Ada Wong and Hunk.

Plot: Chris and Claire fly to a quiet, secluded town in middle America, where they call for the others who have shared the many traumas of zombie infestation with them. So, Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliviera, Barry Burton, Leon Kennedy, Rebecca Chambers and Sherry Burkin all fly over to this town. Of course, things get sticky when it turns out that Umbrella have used this town as another test site for its new virus. Picking Jill, Carlos, Chris or Rebecca, the player starts in a different part of the town. Eventually, each persons adventure leads to them bumping into Leon, Sherry, Claire or Barry. When this occurs, you can take over this character for a short amount of time for a certain reason. Each player will eventually end up finding the hidden Umbrella base. However, Chris ends up flying to Paris with Barry as he thinks everyone else died. Jill and Claire stumble upon an airport on the outskirts of town where a horrible creature has run amok.

Features: One feature that the Resident Evil games could do with is MULTIPLAYER!!! How about a co-operative game – you and a friend as two characters (like Jill and Claire, for example), battling together to get out of the town alive! Or, how about a death match? Chris versus Carlos in a bid for Jill’s heart! You could play a match in locations from the game like the Paris Lab or airport, and there could even be areas from previous games, like parts of the mansion from RE1 or the Police Station from RE2!

One thing that would make the game complete would be online gaming! Imagine that real people controlled all 8 characters! The story would be completely different to the main one. It would be an online-only one, where the 8 characters need to help each other out to stay alive and escape the city!

So, what do you think?  If you want to add any ideas to the concept I have created, or have your own idea, please e-mail it to me, and I will probably include some of your ideas in a follow-up to this column, some time in the future.

So, in conclusion, the Dreamcast, in my opinion, is very likely to get a release of Resident Evil 4. I know that my idea is extremely unlikely to be the one released, but I like to dream. Let us just hope that Capcom see it our way. They will do, won’t they?


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