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What Andy Thinks… about Shenmue (the perspective of someone who hasn’t played it…)  

Yes, yes! I know! I must be about the only Dreamcast owner who hasn’t played Shenmue! If I had the money then I would have it by now. However, I am a broke student (seems like I fit the stereotype, huh?!), so there is no way I can afford it just yet. I do have my opinion on Shenmue, however, from what I have seen, heard and read so far. 

I think that I have learned most about Shenmue from fellow Assistant Editor (fancy name for doing a bit of everything, I guess…J), Craig. He is absolutely mad about the games, as you will know from his many posts on the forum concerning it, and the things he has written for DCS. Every time I talk to him, he mentions Shenmue somewhere in the conversation, at least twice! His comments always make Shenmue sound like a fantastically amazing game. He is even worse than I am with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (which is the bestest game ever, by the way…), and that is saying something!!!

Now, if you, like me, have never played Shenmue, then you will have about the same idea of the game as I have. You will, most likely, want this game a lot! If not, then Craig has obviously not used his powers of persuasion on you.

To me, Shenmue looks like a game that will draw you in and not let you escape for a few hours, until you realise how hungry you are from not having eaten at all that day. It looks like the kind of game that draws you in so much, that when you do actually feel hungry, you’ll nip down to the local convenience store… in the game! It looks like a second life that is much more exciting than your own, and so much more enthralling!

For those of you who have played the great game that is The Nomad Soul, you will know that having a second life is fun! The Nomad Soul is a deeply involving (if frustrating), futuristic ‘life’. You feel like you have moved into a new neighbourhood and slowly are ‘fitting in’ to the society around you as you learn how to read the horrible font that is used to signpost places and give important clues.

But Shenmue looks like it could be much more than that. It looks to me like more of a ‘complete’ life. One which mimics a real one, but in a way which makes it all great fun!

The way Shenmue actually looks is also amazing. From having seen many screenshots and one very dodgy video that I tried to download from the Internet, I have to say that the game world looks very good. Weather effects seem to be perfect, and the environments and people all look simply stunning. I cannot comment on sound, however, as I have never heard anything of Shenmue in terms of music, voices or sound effects.

So, all in all, I have to say that, even though I have never even experienced playing the game, I love the game! Playing it will only strengthen this love. I advise that, if you haven’t already, you read Craig’s brilliant review, and take a look at the forums for other people’s opinions, and the chance to add your own. Go to the ‘What Andy Thinks…’ FEEDBACK section if you wanna say something about any of my columns!

Well, until next time, this is Andy, signing off!

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