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The Best Dreamcast Games… EVER!

Well, we have over 40 reviews on DCS so far! Quite an achievement for a site that has only been open for about half a year with a small crew of guys! In a tribute to this fact, and also to the great games the Dreamcast has, we have decided to give you a run down of the best Dreamcast games so far! There are 4 categories… and here is the first one!!

The Top 20 Dreamcast Games by Review Score


1) Daytona USA 2001 - Another classic Driving title hits the Dreamcast as if anyone thought it would be possible to top MSR and F355, certainly looks like Daytona managed it!


2) Shenmue - "It's not an RPG, it's not an interactive movie"! Shenmue is the start of an entire new genre "Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment" or FREE for short. Now that the consoles have the power, I'm sure we'll be seeing more games in the FREE genre soon enough, starting with Shenmue 2 and then the hot looking Head Hunter looks set to continue the trend!


3) Metropolis Street Racer - It was set to be the DC's killer app at launch, but suffered lengthy delays of Nintendo proportions! When it was released it was still

fantastic, but sadly surpassed graphically by the likes of F355.

But the graphics weren't the only thing MSR had to boast, it's huge highly detailed city settings and Kudos system gave it an air of independence, and breath of fresh air from what was becoming a stale and stagnant racing genre!


4) Soul Calibur - Do beat 'em ups come any better than this? Well if anyone thinks so, the PlayStation 2 certainly hasn't come up with the goods (but that currently seems to be the case with everything to do with PS2!) crisp clear graphics, fast, slick fighting action, and the ability to fight with the fishing rod make this game a must for all gamers! Even people who aren't normally fans of the genre!

5) Resident Evil CODE: Veronica - The "official" sequel to Resident Evil 2 carries the story on in Style! Claire heads off to Europe to find her brother Chris only to find that

the evil umbrella corporation have also decided to come to Europe, only, for more destructive purposes! Takes the Resident Evil series into full 3D, and adds an extra dimension of depth making this another DC must have!

6) Jet Set Radio

7) Dead or Alive 2

8) Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

9) Crazy Taxi

10) Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

11) Ferrari F355 Challenge

12) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

13) Guilty Gear X

14) Samba de Amigo Version 2000

15) Grandia 2

16) Quake 3: Arena

17) Power Stone

18) Hidden and Dangerous

19) The Nomad Soul

20) ChuChu Rocket!


Okay then… there you have the top 20 by review! Next up is a list of 20 games that we deemed to be the best 20 games so far (not in order). After this, we put them in order of personal favourites and then our overall top 20, which is, to us at least, the definitive list!

Space Channel 5

Daytona USA 2001

Soul Calibur

Virtua Tennis

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

Crazy Taxi

Power Stone 

Power Stone 2

Toy Commander

Dead or Alive 2

F355 Challenge

Jet Set Radio

Quake 3: Arena

Phantasy Star Online



Skies of Arcadia

Grandia 2

Sonic Adventure

Rayman 2

Andy’s Top 20 Dreamcast Games


1)   Phantasy Star Online – Its just amazing! Sonic Team truly excelled in creating this online masterpiece. It’s much more than an RPG… it’s a revelation in online gaming! Clear, crisp and simply superb graphics accompany the solid gameplay to make this another first from SEGA!

2)     Skies of Arcadia – An RPG that we Dreamcast owners have been crying out for since the launch of the console! Finally, SEGA have granted us our wish of our very own killer RPG by giving us Overworks’ masterpiece, Skies of Arcadia. Fly through the skies searching for new discoveries and fighting the good fight. One fantastic gaming experience!

3)     Space Channel 5 – SEGA is famous for their original games. That reputation seems to be well earned, with games such as Space Channel 5 around! A dance ‘em up like no other, you play Ulala, the sexy space reporter who must put her dancing and shooting skills to the test in order to get to the bottom of a mystery involving aliens who force people to dance! Crazy, but so very, very fun!

4)     Soul Calibur – Fighting games don’t come much better than this! One of the best games on the DC, period. For a first-generation Dreamcast title, it has awesome graphics! The gameplay is there in force, and the lifespan is huge due to the countless missions and modes. So much to do… all neatly compacted into one GD-ROM. Nice.

5)     Resident Evil CODE: Veronica – The fourth game in the Resident Evil series, and actually the best. Using the Dreamcasts’ superior graphics capabilities, Capcom have produced an amazing setting for the scariest game on SEGA’s console.  A must have game for any DC owner, let alone RE fan!

6)       Jet Set Radio

7)       Grandia 2

8)       Shenmue

9)       Power Stone 2

10)    Dead or Alive 2

11)    Sonic Adventure

12)    Crazy Taxi

13)    Daytona USA 2001

14)    Power Stone

15)    MSR

16)    Virtua Tennis

17)    F355

18)    Quake 3: Arena

19)    Rayman 2

20)   Toy Commander

Mike’s Top 20 Dreamcast Games

1) Daytona USA 2001 - The classic arcade racer returns to Dreamcast, and is even better than before! With a graphical make over and new tracks, we have the classic racer of the 90's back for, naughties!

2) Ferrari F355 Challenge - Beautiful car, beautiful game, the most realistic driving game or "simulator" ever created heads home on the Dreamcast, in all it's 4 NAOMI powered beauty!

3) Sonic Adventure - After his refreshing break from a fully new adventure on the Sega Saturn, Sonic has returned in full 3D with blistering Super Sonic speeds to match, still not fast enough? Then get the sequel in June!

4) Virtua Tennis - Take 8 of your not so favourite tennis stars, put em in the most addictive tennis game since the ace Super Tennis on the SNES, and here is end product! Smashing!

5) Shenmue - Welcome to a living, breathing world, contained on 3 GD ROMS, Shenmue one of the deepest involving games ever made and an excellent excuse to fork out £99.99 on a Dreamcast!

6) Quake 3

7) Toy Commander

8) Crazy Taxi

9) Rayman 2

10) MSR

11) Phantasy Star Online

12) Jet Set Radio

13) Power Stone

14) Power Stone 2

15) Soul Calibur

16) Dead or Alive 2

17) Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

18) Skies of Arcadia

19) Grandia 2

20) Space Channel 5

Top 20 Dreamcast Games – Our Definitive List!

1) Phantasy Star Online – With its online gaming nature, this game was a sure-fire hit! The first online console RPG now has a huge user base in Europe and the US. It is the best Dreamcast game so far according to us two. Pure genius.

2) Shenmue – Second place goes to Yu Suzuki’s baby – the fantastic Shenmue! Over four years in the making and with a budget extending into the tens of millions, this game proved to us that reality could actually be fun!

3) Daytona USA 2001 – A racing game worthy of the DC? You betcha! Ahead of the pack in every way! A classic brought up-to-date in one badass arcade conversion!

4) Sonic Adventure – The speedy blue hedgehog returned to form as a DC launch game and is still firmly in the top 10 of the Dreamcast charts after over a year! It must be some game to hold on that long… and it certainly is! A platformer to cherish forever!

5) Jet Set Radio – Again, showing their flair for the original, zany and just plain fun, SEGA gives us the brilliant Jet Set Radioooooooooo!!! With groovy graphics, sound gameplay and a soundtrack to die for, you need to get this game!

6) F355

7) SC

8) Skies of Arcadia

9) Crazy Taxi

10) Virtua Tennis

11) Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

12) SC5

13) Power Stone 2

14) Quake 3: Arena

15) MSR

16) Grandia 2

17) DOA2

18) Toy Commander

19) Power Stone

20) Rayman 2

So, there you have it! Those were the best Dreamcast games!  Also, if our lists here further intrigue you, check out our reviews page! Now, go and get playing! I’m sure you own at least one of the games shown in these here charts we have shown you! If not, then there’s obviously something wrong with you! GET OUT THERE AND BUY ONE!!!

Andrew Dickinson,


Michael Rogers,


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