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Okay, we had to close the polls early, as we didn’t seem to be getting as many votes as expected!  I guess you guys found filling in that form too hard! Oh well… next year we will figure out a new and easier way to vote and give you some encouragement to do it too (wait till December and see!).

Anyway… I guess you are all dying to know the final results of what has been a close race almost from the start. I have seen different games take the lead at certain times, only to be knocked off the top by another.

Okay, I’ll stop rambling! Here are the results!!!

Best Graphics in a Dreamcast Game


Well, I picked this, and it seems that over half of you others did too! Shenmue boasts high detail textures, great character design and animation; this fantastic game by the master (Yu Suzuki to his close friends) has taken the top spot for this category, at least! 

Jet Set Radio

With its innovative cell shading technique and just astounding style, this game could have won. Okay, it only got around 13% of the votes, but that was good in this category, considering Shenmue was voted for the most.

Dead or Alive 2

Yes, this game has so much visual style, it is unbelievable! Clothes look like clothes, the characters look amazing, the chests bounce (oops, went off on a tangent). The whole thing looks stunning and still runs at a fantastic rate! No wonder this was voted for!

Best Sound in a Dreamcast Game

Jet Set Radio

This was inevitable!  Jet Set Radio boasts an exhilarating soundtrack that'll have your speakers pumping insane amounts of hip hop, jungle, rap and techno music for hours on end.  This is one game where you'll wanna blast the volume regardless of your neighbours.  Even if it means selling your granny, go and buy the soundtrack!

Space Channel 5

GROOVY! It’s Ulala and her funky tunes that seem to do it for you guys! Along with JSR, this game looks like it has the best sound in a DC game this year! As I said before… play that funky music!

Samba De Amigo

Okay… this hasn’t been released in the UK yet… but we do have readers from the US of A and other places that do have this game. Don’t ask me about it… never heard any of the sound, so I cannot comment. But it must be good to have been voted for!

Best Gameplay in a Dreamcast Game

Dead or Alive 2

A very close one, this! I said that this game had gameplay coming out of its ears, and you guys obviously agreed. It is amazing fun to play, and has a lot to learn and master. If you haven’t got this game yet… now you have a reason!!!

Jet Set Radio

I think this game has a lot going for it, gameplay wise! I mean, roller-blading around, tagging walls and avoiding those pesky cops. Loads of fun! Only a runner-up though… so it couldn’t have made that much of an impact on you guys…


So much to do! This game was also a runner-up, showing that it does have the gameplay, but obviously not enough for you guys to vote it tops. Maybe Shenmue 2 will pull it off next year…

Best Lifespan in a Dreamcast Game

Metropolis Street Racer

With a fair few votes behind it, MSR seems to be the choice for gamers looking for a long-term experience. With so very much to do to keep you hooked for months and months, this game truly deserves to be top of this category!

ChuChu Rocket!

Sonic Team did themselves proud with this fantastic puzzle game! They definitely made sure that players would be hooked for a long, long time! Addictive to the max… and so many options! Great!

Most Original Dreamcast Game of 2000

Jet Set Radio

Of course! The cell-shading, the funky music, the totally original gameplay! This game is just smacked with ORIGINALITY!!! I’m pleased to see it in here! Lets hope we get some equally original titles from SEGA next year!


So original that a whole new genre had to be created to fit it into! Yu Suzuki’s masterpiece seems to have stuck in your minds, as it has been runner-up in many categories so far, and winner of one. Maybe it’ll come up again later…

Best Developer of 2000


WOOHOO! I’m so happy! A huge majority of you thought the same as me! And with games like Shenmue, Jet Set Radio and Space Channel 5, there was no way they couldn’t have been the winners of this category! I bet they are here again next year…


Yes, the master of beat em ups and of the survival horror genre’s, Capcom came second. With games like Power Stone 2, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike under their belts (all of which got great scores!) in this year alone, you can always rely on Capcom to create great games for the good old Dreamcast!

Yu Suzuki

Hmm… While I agree that Yu Suzuki is a master games designer, I don’t quite think he is a games developer all on his own! Strange that a single person got the vote instead of a company… and anyway… he works for SEGA. Oh well… still a great guy!

Best Storyline in a Dreamcast Game


No one can resist a good old yarn that involves avenging your father’s death! Truly engrossing and not to be missed at any cost! This is one game Yu Suzuki will be hailed and criticised for. I for one will hail him. Maybe it’ll tip his scales at the pearly gates of heaven… I mean, it did bring many people joy!

[Ed: "My name is Ryo, I will avenge my fathers death!  Just after I drink some coke, play in the arcades, and buy a Sonic figure" -- just had to add that!]

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

The best storyline in a Resident Evil game to date. Chilling, twisting and turning… it is fantastic! Its best to experience it for yourself… and I’m sure the majority of you already have! Well, I hope you have, anyway!

Best Intro to a Dreamcast Game

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

With a huge majority of you voting for this, it looks like Capcom really did out-do themselves with their fantastic intro sequence for RECV. Jaw-dropping good!


As you know, I have not yet played the game… so I really cannot comment on this. However, it is the runner-up (actually, the only other game to be voted for in this category!) so it must have been pretty good!

Best Ending in a Dreamcast Game

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

Good endings are hard to come by… but RECV did have a relatively good one. Great work by Capcom on the end FMV. While not as good as the intro, it is still a masterpiece in its own right!


Again, the only other game to be voted for in this category! And again, I have not seen this ending… but it must have been good!

Most Anticipated Game of 2001

Sonic Adventure 2

The first Sonic Adventure obviously left you guys crying out for more! Our preview has shown that the sequel will be a cut above the last game. Lets hope that it will be just as good, if not better, that the first!

Phantasy Star Online

Looking good so far! Coming a close second to Sonic Adventure 2, this game looks like it could be a huge hit when it reaches us on the 9th February! Well, I can’t wait!

Worst Dreamcast Game of 2000

  (lol… well, loser, if you wish!)


Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

Eidos are becoming nearly equally notorious in the gaming world as the all-powerful Sony for its milking machine! I mean, COME ON! Four Tomb Raider games? Although this was a great game, it was a bad port of a great game. Shame really… could have been so much better…

Virtua Striker 2 Version 2000.1

Yes folks… a SEGA game got into the category! But you have to admit, it was crap! SEGA has its occasional slip-ups, and this seems to have been one of them. Surely we can forgive them when they have brought us such games as Jet Set Radio and Shenmue though? Sure we can!!!

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Well… not me, if it means spending £30 of my hard earned cash on a game as bad as this! You really are better watching the TV show… even if Chris Tarrant is one of the most annoying men alive!

Nightmare Creatures 2

NO! RUN! RUN FROM THE GOD AWFUL GAME!!! Really, this was so bad that my grandmothers’ knitting was scarier! Please god… if you are really there, you will never let us see a sequel to this pile of cack!

Metropolis Street Racer

WHAT? How could this be the worst game of the year? I have a hunch that maybe the person who voted for this just believed it was way over-hyped (which I too think is true). But worst game? This guy must be NUTS!

[Ed: We decided not to reveal his email address for legal reason.. eh em..]

Best Dreamcast Game of 2000


I knew from the start that this little gem would win your hearts! Something as good as this shouldn’t go unmissed. I mean, you guys voted for it, so it must be good! Hopefully, I’ll get this godsend soon enough!

Jet Set Radio

It took the lead for a while, but was soon over-taken by that FREE game! Still, JSR has already won an award, and at least it’s a runner-up!

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

My favourite game of the year was obviously not as good as I thought! While not claiming the top spot, it certainly has become a runner-up!

So there you have it! While I do believe I went a little religious on you guys (me, religious? P’AH!), I think I did get across the results of this years DCS Awards.

I am just really hoping that next year’s onslaught of games will be just as good as this years! The year 2000 has been a great year for gamers everywhere… especially Dreamcast gamers. This years awards have been a tribute to the best there has been this year. Hope you enjoyed the read!

Oh, and I will write a new column as soon as my hectic life grants me the gift of time! There will be one up by the middle of February at any rate!

Well, once again, this is Andy, signing off!




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