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February release schedule UK


>> 9th Feb

ECW Anarchy Rulez- The lack of a decent wrestling game (namely say a conversion of Smackdown on PSX) means that the naff Acclaim wrestling titles are spilling in, and with no sign of improving, maybe this one is better left on the shelf come the 9th of February. [Pics]   

RRP £39.99, GamesWire: £23.99 with free P&P


Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - Everyones favourite hero from Toy Story Buzz Lightyear is back with a brand new game based on Disney’s latest animation feature strangely enough also titled, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, but how many cheap, rushed cash in PSX ports can a console take?  [Pics] [Review]

RRP £39.99, GamesWire: £32.99 with free P&P


Phantasy Star Online - An amazing RPG where you can take part in a massive 3 other players online.  Just image, you and 3 friends from all over the world, playing together... sweet!  Highly recommended, buy it!  Read our preview here.


>> 16th February

Surf Rocket Racers : - Wave Race for the DC! Well nearly, as CRI release their own little version of the popular N64 launch title, seeing us race Jet Ski's around various coves and lakes. But can it live up the N64 masterpiece? We'll find out later this month.  

Vanishing Point - The Dreamcast is becoming a haven for the petrol heads amongst us!  Vanishing point is an arcade racer with some amazing visuals. The developers reckoned that the draw distance is so huge in this game that they called it ‘Vanishing Point’.   Average racing game, surpassed by the likes of Ferrari 355, MSR and Sega GT…  

RRP £39.99, GamesWire: £29.99 with free P&P

4x4 Evolution :  - Not another racing title!!  Oh well.. the PC off road racer where you can rev a 3-tonne off-roader down a winding country road makes it way to the Dreamcast.  An interesting feature is the ability to race online, against both PC and DC owners.  That, and it’s interesting career mode are all to be dazzled about.     

RRP £39.99, GamesWire: £29.99 with free P&P


European Super League - The lack of decent footy games for the Dreamcast leave a lot to be desired, we need more of em!  ESL is getting a Playstation, PC, Game Boy Colour and Dreamcast release, so damn no exclusivity there.   Claiming to be visually realistic, let’s just hope it isn’t a case of “pretty looking crap”

RRP £39.99, GamesWire: £26.99 with free P&P


>> 23rd February

Grandia 2:  - The sequel to the hit Saturn game, this one has been getting some attention for its great graphics and intriguing storyline. Looks like it could be a hit...

Half-Life:  - This is the single-player disc of the hit PC FPS (first-person shooter). Multiplayer disc will arrive next month... looking forward to both!  

RRP £39.99, GamesWire: £29.99 with free P&P


Project Justice:  - I have my doubts about this one making the release date, but we'll see. A completely insane, yet frighteningly fun game. Sequel to Rival Schools on the PlayStation (grrr...).

Starlancer:  - The Dreamcast's first and very likely only space shooter, is set to arrive this month. Basically a straight port of the PC game, but who cares when the gameplay and graphics are as good as they are!

The Next Tetris:  - A very cool update of the classic Game Boy game is headed our way. Better looking and a new version included with some new rules which will make this one of the puzzle games all DC owners should have. Looking good!

Stunt GP:  - Perform amazing stunts while racing around very cool tracks trying to beat your opponents to the finish line! RC in its style of cars and racing, it looks like Infogrames could have a hit on their hands! That’s if you guys go out and buy it...   And if it will actually be any good... We'll see...

Don't forget to catch the March release schedule.. in err.. March!

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