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Video games are getting too violent.

Violence is entertainment.  That’s a known fact.  Almost all movies contain some violence, because we, the general public, want too see violence.  Violence is fun!

Violence is all about destruction, as opposed to construction.  Teaching someone how to perform a flash kick in Street Fighter so he can destroy his opponent is not going to do him much help.  Teach him how to give birth, and now we’re talking.

Those that thought Street Fighter was bad enough had something coming…  Fighting games really started getting the media attention with the 1994 release of Mortal Kombat on the SNES and Mega Drive.  The game boasted a lot of blood; throwing your opponent into a spike ribbed pit, pulling out their spinal cord, firing a spear into their throat or burning them with your breath was just a sample that the game offered.  I found that game very entertaining!  Teaching someone how to give birth? Oh yeh.. now I know where we’re going… I bet they’d be an option to rotate the camera angles and zoom into the action now…

You sick bastard…

Well it was your idea…

You seriously cannot find a game such as Carmageddon entertaining, can you?

Carmageddon.  Ah.. the game that gave you points for mowing down old ladies and reversing into bus queues.  Boy did this game create a stir or what.  It’s ironic though, that when ‘Death Race 2000’ was released (a movie which the Carmageddon series was ripped right off) no one really cared, but as soon as a video game equivalent is released then every single union gets into a spasm.   Explain that..


Violence exists in many forms of entertainment.  Movies, television, even cartoons are getting violent (Dragonball Z anyone?).  If really gets to me when video games are targeted for their violent nature, where they are no where near as bad as many other forms of entertainment. 

Well, video games are interactive.  The player, be it a 30 year old man or a 4 year old child, has a ability to control the action on screen. They are directly in control of the violence, whereas in a movie the action is rolling by.  There is a big difference between watching someone’s head getting blown in a movie, and actually pressing the trigger on the control pad to do that very action.  If a child can press a button on the control pad to kill someone, it isn’t very much different to pressing the trigger on a gun.

Pressing the button on the remote control to adjust the volume isn’t much different to pulling a trigger is it? IT IS!  That’s how silly you’re question was.  Video games are a way to escape reality; a teenager can shoot someone in a game and gain pleasure out of it, without having to hurt anyone in the street.  Take the game away from the lad, and he’ll have to find another mean of gaining satisfaction from firing a bullet into an enemies chest.  I enjoy martial arts, so playing fighting games lets me experience the satisfaction of the action without me having to do it in the real world.

Remember that kid who used to play Time Crisis in the arcades everyday after school?  Remember how he decided to walk into school and shoot all his classmates?  THAT IS THE EFFECT OF VIDEO GAMES!!

I agree.  He was influenced by a video game.  But we aren’t all ass holes like he was.  Most normal people can distinguish between a virtual world and reality.  My 8-year-old sister is beating the crap out of Hayabusa in Dead or Alive 2 right now, it doesn’t mean that 10 minutes later she’ll be roaming the street kicking the crap out of everyone she sees.


Well don’t err, answer me back!

Grrrr… arrrrrrgh!  You’re gonna die u f***er, I’m gonna blow you’re head off!

Eh emm now who’s getting violent?  


The problem isn’t the games, it’s the person playing the games.  An increase in video game violence is inevitable; I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing.  You can get an 8 year old to play Code Veronica without getting emotionally screwed.  On the other guy, get some 16 year old twat to play Goldeneye and he may decided to walk into his school and blast every mutha sky high.  Age restrictions?  Naa.. More like "mentality" restrictions needed :)

Farooq Asif

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