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Readers Top 20 Dreamcast games

Well, Mikey and I had our say last month, and afterwards I received an e-mail saying we had missed Ultimate Fighting Champion out of the lists. Well, I had to explain that we have yet to review that game… therefore it was not in the reviews chart. Also, neither Mikey or myself have played the game, and the other three lists were based on personal opinion. That got me thinking… what about a readers vote? Well… why not? So, I got on the case as soon as possible. Here is what you need to do to cast YOUR vote!!! Wait A Second though… was the phrase ‘PRIZE DRAW’ mentioned in the title? YES! THAT’S RIGHT! Yet another DCS first, you can win some great prizes by just entering this here readers vote!

I’ll get to the prizes now and how the winner will be chosen. Basically, when you enter the readers vote, your e-mail address will be put into a hat, and at the end of the voting period (18th June 2001) one winner and two runners up will be drawn from the hat. The runners up will each receive a copy of that amazing game, ‘Sonic Adventure’! How about that? However, the winner will have a choice of three top games! The winner can choose from wither Metropolis Street Racer, Jet Set Radio or Space Channel 5! So, if you want to be in with a chance of winning, cast your vote NOW!

Oh, that’s right… I need to tell you how to vote! Well, its simple, really. All you need to do is fill in the form below.  

Best Game
2nd best
3rd best
4th best
5th best


Alternatively, if you prefer, send an e-mail to the address at the bottom of this page and title the e-mail ‘Top 20 Games: Readers Vote’. Then, list your top 5 Dreamcast games in rank order (1 being you most favourite, down to 5). At the end of your e-mail, put your e-mail address, name and age. And that’s it! Yup, that’s all that needs to be done! When the time expires to vote, all the votes will be totted up and put into the top 20 and the winner and runners up will be drawn and announced at the same time. One thing though… please read the small print before you vote… and read my final note to you guys.

Please, only vote for games you have ACTUALLY PLAYED and like. Do not vote for games that you have only seen and like the look of (Mikey and I did that but we’re DCS staff… so that’s okay!)

Okay! Thank you and goodnight!

Andrew Dickinson,

Send your top 5 along with your name and age to:


We were told by our lawyers to add a small print section =)

1. The competition is only open to UK residents, sorry.  However, if you’re a non-UK resident then please still send in your votes!

2. The staff of are not eligible to win the prize.. just incase some smart ass out there thinks otherwise..

3. Only one entry per person.  Duplicate names or email entries will be deleted!

4. SGX # 2 and SGX #3 don’t exist Mike, we ain’t stupid!

Which next-gen console will you support most?
X Box
Game Cube
Playstation 2
I quit gaming!


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