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Pro Pinball Trilogy

Lookie here! Our first… proper preview! Well, proper as in we were sent a press release and photos from Empire Interactive themselves! What nice chaps! Well, here is a pinball game… a first for the Dreamcast! It’s looking pretty cool too! Read on to find out why!  

A pinball game, huh?

Yes! Do I hear disapproval in your voice?

Well, I mean… its pinball!!!

But that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game! Really, don’t be too quick to judge!

Well… I guess I should give it a chance.

Yes, you should! Afterall, it is Empire’s first game on the Dreamcast… and the first pinball game on our beloved console!  

Something new then!

That’s the spirit!!! It’s a new genre of game to appear on our little whit box. It could be argued that pinball isn’t exactly a genre the Dreamcast needs… there isn’t a huge market for pinball games… but games of this type are actually quite fun! And Pro Pinball Trilogy (PPT) looks no different! It looks like a laugh! In fact, as the title suggests, there are 3 pinball games there – Pro Pinball Big Race USA, Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey and Pro Pinball: Time Shock!!!

Wouldn’t a game such as PPT get boring after a while?

I guess it could yes. But pinball games were never meant to be played for long periods. It’s a game to play in short, sharp bursts.

I guess so. What is the gameplay like then?

Well… like pinball, I guess…  


Not entirely engrossing then?

Well, no… But like I said… short, sharp bursts!!!

Okay, okay! I get you! No need to go on! What are the tables like then?

They look pretty original, actually! There are tables based on 16 American cities for the Big Race USA section, tables based on famous sci-fi stories like Journey to the Centre of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea in the Fantastic Journey Section and a multi-layered table or two in the Time Shock section. The graphics for these tables are pretty good too! High-resolution… and 3D! In the words of the press release… ‘fantastically detailed high-resolution graphics that have become the trademark of the Pro Pinball series.’ So there!  

The screens do look pretty nice… but I’m still niggled by the fact it’s a pinball game.

Okay, I guess I hafta agree with you. It’s a pretty lame genre, but one that should be catered for nonetheless. I mean, you wouldn’t like it if, for instance, the RPG genre wasn’t catered for on the DC!  

Eek! That would be terrible!!!

See! And anyway, it could be fun!

In short, sharp bursts…


So when will we be seeing this title?

30th March 2001! One for all you pinball fans to look out for! Also worth a look if you need a dose of light gameplay that’s short-lived.

Okay! Thanks for that!

Quite alright!

Will you be getting the game?

No… but that’s beside the point!

Whatever you say…

Be quiet, you!!!


Anticipating rating: 2/5

Andrew Dickinson,


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Developer Empire interactive
Genre erm.. pinball!
Players 1
Release 30th March


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Game Cube
Playstation 2
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