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  ChuChu Rocket!

Surely you have heard of ChuChu? Itís that game theyíre giving away free to all Dreamcast owners! You know, the first game to utilise the Dreamcast's online playing capabilities! Ah, now youíve got it! Well, ChuChu Rocket is one of the most addictive, fast-paced and mad puzzle games I have ever played! Read on to find out more . . .  

As soon as the title screen comes up, you know that youíre about to play something a bit peculiar! The rocket going round the moon, the mice, the cats . . . something weird, yet strangely fascinating is awaiting, you can tell. And so you enter the world of ChuChu Rocket!, wanting to see what it is all about. The main screen confronts you next, and then you realise something. This game is going to last you a long time!!! There are so many modes of play! From the standard 4-player battle to the team battle, from the 1 player puzzle mode, to the 2 player puzzle mod! There are so many things to do! Well, 4-player battle looked interesting, so I picked that, and chose my colour and level. Suddenly, madness descends, and the game begins! The game itself is simple. Guide little mice to your rocket, but avoid cats that also can come your way. The winner of the game is the one to have the most mice in his/her rocket at the end of the game. To get the mice to your rocket, you must place arrows on the tiled playing area to guide the mice. However, you are only allowed to place 3 tiles at once, these tiles eventually wear off and cats will also follow these arrows! Eek! Also, there are special mice. One is gold, and is worth 50 mice, and the other has a question mark above its head. Once this one gets into your rocket, a special will occur. This could be ĎMouse Maniaí (thousands of mice flood onto the screen!), Cat Mania (what do you think that could be?) or others that can either help or hinder your success in the game! Sounds hard, huh? Well, not really. In fact, once you get the hang of it (which doesnít take long), you will be addicted for hours! Winning really makes you jump for joy, and losing will make you throw down your controller and curse at your computer opponents! You can also work in teams of two, so you and a friend can go head to head with two other friends or computer opponents, or, alternatively, you could play online with people around Europe!

There are also various puzzle modes to keep you happy, with a puzzle editor thrown in for good measure! In 1 player, you must work your way through many, many puzzles where you must place pre-determined arrows on the grid to achieve various targets. These puzzles are by no means easy either! It took me a long time to figure out some of these fiendishly hard puzzles! You can also co-operate with a second player to solve a set of different puzzles and create some of your own puzzles to challenge your mates!

To be honest, the graphics arenít amazing. You may hear people saying that they are 2D graphics, but they are 3D from a top-down perspective. However, they are by no means anything to write home about. But they do fit this game perfectly, giving it a wacky and fun look, one that ChuChu pulls off well!

Sound is likewise Ė average. It is very funny in places, but is not on a par with other games on the Dreamcast. It does add an extra dimension to the madness, however, and creates the atmosphere of ChuChu.

This game is so much fun to play, that most of the time you donít care whether you are playing against humans or the computer. The online mode is a great addition, a first for a Dreamcast game. This game deserves a merit simply for that fact, but ChuChu would be nothing without itís many other modes.

This review has been quite simplistic in nature, but that is simply because this is such a simplistic game! It is that simplicity which makes the game such fun to play. You arenít bogged down with complex controls and huge 3D environments. You simply need to place tiles, using the a, b, x and y buttons, around a simple grid to guide mice to your rocket. Every Dreamcast owner should have this game, no question. Itís free! Why not get it? Simply sign up for Dream Arena today, and you can also enjoy this fantastic game!

Andrew Dickinson  

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3D graphics, but from a top-down perspective. Nothing special, but they do their job!
Sound 7 Average sounds that contribute to the wacky atmosphere! Gotta love the taunts!
Gameplay 9 Simple, yet addictive! This game is so fun, you may want to forget about going out for a while!
Lifespan 9

There is so much for you to experience! Battles never get boring, and the challenging puzzles just keep coming and coming! Online play adds an extra reason to go back again and again!


"A brilliant game that is uncomplicated, fast and fun! Itís free, so GET IT NOW!"


By Sam

Chu Chu Rocket was more of a novelty purchase for me, due to the low import price that the shops were offering. I was in need of a puzzle game which anyone could pick up and play with little difficulty, and I am happy to state that Chu Chu Rocket is just that game.

The game is primarily a multiplayer game, the one player puzzle mode will last you a week or so, whilst the 2 player co-operative puzzles depends on how well co-ordinated you and your friend are.

All this however is irrelevant as Chu Chu Rocket is meant to be played with 4 people. The best way I can describe Chu Chu Rocket is this; Imagine that the game 'Lemmings' and 'Bomberman' fell in love, got married and had a child, that child would be Chu Chu Rocket. Simply because it borrows the best parts from the pre-mentioned games.

Andy pretty much covered most of Chu Chu Rocket is his review, but I think playing this game on-line is a waste. I have had far more fun playing with someone in the same room, then playing with them over the internet. What I mean is that you get social interaction with all 4 players in the same room, with all of you yelling shouting and directing cats into each others rockets.

I mean you wouldn't play twister over the internetÖ

That was probably not the best example as no one really plays twister but I think the point is clear. Chu Chu Rocket is a friendly game, which will give you huge amounts of enjoyment playing with or against people in the same room.

Overall - 8/10 "Chu Chu Thomas! Woo Woo Thomas!"


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Developer Sonic Team
Publisher Sega
Genre  Puzzle
Players  1-4
Rumble Yes
Extras Play it online!


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