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Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis [DC] in laymans terms is 'Resident Evil, but with dinosaurs'. This comparison has been made on numerous occasions and is not entirely correct.

Dino Crisis features Regina who along with the rest of her squad have arrived on a research island to find Kirk..didn't he die in Star Trek 7? Yes, but this is Dr Kirk - a scientist. However in typical fashion all is not what it seems. After parachuting in one of the squad gets blown of course and eaten by a T-Rex. The remaining 3 members meet up at the rendezvous point and begin the search.  



All to quickly they discover blood, and each of them begin a small investigation into what happened. For the first 10 minutes or so you do not come across a dinosaur, then ROAR! There it is. As in Jurassic Park the raptors are your most common enemies. Regina can take him out or run. Most of DC is spent running from the enemy as weapons are in a very limited supply.

DC features many new ideas which help distance itself from Resident Evil. The first is that there is no item boxes which can be accessed anywhere, instead you collect plugs and can store certain items in the wall. These items can only be picked up from the same place where you put them. Next saving your game is also done in a better fashion. There are no type writers, these are replaced with save rooms. These new additions really work as the game is made far more challenging and it relies more on you deciding when the best time to save is.  

The game consists of a lot of walking around, and discovering what really happened and just what Dinosaurs are doing here anyway! The enemy count is significantly less than res2, 3 and CV. DC follows Res1 philosophy in that exploration pays a bigger part and when enemies appear you are excited, rather than 'oh great another enemy…yawn'.  

This Dreamcast conversion is good, there is no real extra features like what we were treated to in Res2. The graphics look more polished and professional than Resident Evil 3's Dreamcast incarnation. All of Dino Crisis scenes are full 3D models rather like Code Veronica. Like what we saw in Code Veronica, the camera moves subtly and sometimes even chases you down a corridor!  


The Dinosaurs themselves are intelligent they will actually hunt you down and follow you from room to room. They can even open doors.

Dino Crisis has some great features which I hope will be implemented in the Resident Evil series. One of these is the fact that you can stop yourself bleeding by using a haemostat, thus stopping any dinosaurs from following your blood trail. Alternatively you could just use a med pack and recover health, but still bleed. Each of these options alter the game and provides a more personal touch when playing.  

Like Resident Evil 3, items can be combined. However in Resident Evil 3 you were still able to pick up all the ammo, but in Dino Crisis combining An. Aid's and making tranquilliser darts is a necessary if you want to save ammo.

The sound in Dino Crisis is good. You hear Dinosaurs walking towards you, but best of all is the voice acting. All the characters have believable voices, and Regina is the bravest 'bring it on' woman since RE:CV Claire. In short Dino Crisis is an excellent purchase for those wanting a decent challenge, it may lack some of the 'fun' moments of Resident Evil, but for sheer horror it should be bought.

There are little Dreamcast extra's other than the increased resolution; but when the game is as good as Dino Crisis is, for once this does not matter.

Sam Ant Smith

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High resolution, 3D backgrounds. Graphics look good.
Sound 8 Sound plays a bigger part in warning you of approaching dinosaurs walking. You will get to hate the 'knock knock' sound as Raptors continue to track you from room to room!
Gameplay 8 Very sedate when compared to other games, but with the situation and story progression this is fine.
Lifespan 6

You will play it through a few times, to see the endings and improve you time. Otherwise you have the 'operation wipeout' mini game, but nothing to keep you playing for long after finishing.


"Open the door, get on the floor! Everybody walk the dinosaur!"


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Developer Capcom
Publisher Virgin
Genre Survival Horror
Players 1
Extras Rumble


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