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Rainbow Cotton (Japan only)


Rainbow Cotton: - a game that heavily features fairies [the good variety] not the camp male equivalent. Those of who had a Saturn may have played the previous game Rainbow Cotton on import. The main difference between the two versions is that the Dreamcast edition is in full 3D, like Space Harrier.

The plot is something of a change from the normal, it goes something like this; Fairies are being captured and imprisoned by the great evil, something has to be done, but what?

A meeting is called and all the fairies come to the same answer. Cotton has always helped them in the past, but she is a little crazy. Should they really entrust their future in the child witch Cotton? It is their only choice so two fairies take it upon themselves and hatch a plan which makes Team Rocket from Pokemon genius's, however the simple trap works and Cotton is caught.

Cotton is understandably mad and breaks out and demands an answer. After hearing the story she reluctantly agrees, but she will take a fairy along with her for extra protection.

Like most shooting games the buttons on the Dreamcast pad are unsociable, as only 2 are used. One for shoot, and the second for magic attacks. Cotton is moved around via the analogue stick. The camera is positioned directly behind Cotton which restricts your view of the approaching enemies. Secondly Cotton 'auto centres' meaning you keep having to hold left to stop her bumping into things.

This is a shame as the 3D environments are exceptional. Each of the 5 environments has its own theme, and multiple routes. Multiple routes are a great idea, as at certain points you may turn down a different street and encounter a brand new set of enemies. This helps boost the lastability, as the whole game is on 'rails'. Due to this the game is fairly, however you are only given 5 lives and there are no mid-level saves. The difficulty settings range from easy to very hard, but the difference is hardly noticeable. On the easier levels you power up quicker, whilst on the harder level you struggle to get to power level 3

The music is instantly forgettable, but the sound is good. Every creature has its own sound, ranging from weird squeaks to shrieks of pain. The music does get good in the sub boss and boss challenges, but when you are playing a game of this type all you tend to hear is 'enoun enoun' i.e. the sound of what you are firing!

The game would be amazing if it wasn't for the camera position. If only you were able to move the camera like in racing games, then the game would have been great. If you are after a quirky 3D shooter, then go for Rainbow Cotton. If however you want more of a challenge I would check out Bangio or Mars Matrix.

This game is very Japanese, and that is probably why it has not been released over here. However all the text is in English and you can pick the game up for as little as 10. But surely there is a market for a game featuring blue haired fairies.

A special mention must be made for the slick anime intro, where most of these fairy pictures are taken from. After every level and before each boss you get a little bit of animation which advances the story. This is something that Rainbow Cotton has over some of the other 2D shooters. Gunbird 2 for example features quality artwork, but it is all static, if only something like Rainbow Cotton's intro was added the game would have been better for it.

All in all Rainbow Cotton is one of those novelty titles, if you liked the previous outings you will be disappointed with this one. However a lot of care has been taken in the anime sections and the 3D levels, it is just a shame that someone forgot to add the 'fun' aspect. Rainbow Cotton is a good purchase if you can find it cheaply, but even then don't expect to come back to it that often.

Sam Ant Smith

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Good representation of 2D original. Environments are detailed and solid looking.
Sound 6 Good music at the boss encounters, average everywhere else. Sound effects for the enemies are good.
Gameplay 6 Not as frantic as some of the 2D shooters, but Rainbow Cotton has its own charm. Whole experience is a slower affair, but after gaining the one secret 'voice option' you will probably never play it again.
Lifespan 6

You will probably play it through a couple of times, until you have seen all the alternative routes.

Overall 6/10

"Rainbow Cotton, no sewing involved."


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