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Worms Armageddon

"Have you got worms?"

"No, it is just the way I walk."

Yes the game which sparked a load of 'oh so hilarious' worms gags is now available on Dreamcast, but do you really want your Dreamcast infested with worms? Well not real ones as they stop the CD turning, but as for the game that is another matter.

Worms is one of those games that really does not improve with sequels. That is not to say that the subsequent games were poor, it is just that the new additions did not add anything really 'new' to the formula.  

Worms Armageddon is based on the Worms 2 engine, so all the worms are much larger than the original 16 pixel limit, and more weapons have been added. Worms was released originally on the Amiga and PC, both of which used a mouse to control the action, however the Dreamcast version relies on the control pad. The control pad is actually well suited to the game as soon as you realise that it is the Left trigger which controls the weapon timing, unlike what the manual would have you believe.

Single player wise Worms Armageddon is a challenge. There are 33 missions, however to unlock these missions you have to pass the training missions first. These come in three's and you have to complete all three in succession to unlock a mission. At first this seems frustrating but it introduces you to the worms environment and the basic tactics needed for survival. Like the PC version there is the custom landscapes, these vary from the originals 'retro' style to the recent 'ammo limitation' set-ups. Basically everything in the PC version is included even the custom voice banks.

The image here shows one of the amazing cross overs ever seen. Vegeta from 'Dragon Ball Z' teams up with Callisto from 'Xena Warrior Princess' all in the name of Sam Ant Smith!

Alright so the Callisto worm does not do Hudson Leick much justice, but this is part of the fun of worms, no seriously. Give your worms funny names and make your battle personal.

Some worm name ideas are:

Bruce Worm.

The Worminator.

Worm Segal.

Worm Stallone.

I will stop there as you are no doubt laughing so hard at the funny worm names, don't deny it. I am not the only one who does this….What? I am?

Worms has always been a multi player game, and this version is no different. It is annoying that it only supports one pad so you have to pass the pad around which feels strange, but you'll soon get over it. All aspects of the game are customisable and of course you can create your own worm team names and gain some kind of personal involvement in their progress.

The sound effects are good, as are the vocal samples available. The music is very quiet and you may have to adjust your tv volume as even the in game sound menu's still keep the sound quiet. A lot of thought has gone into this game to make it fun, the worms laugh and snigger when they are about to do something evil and the text which appears when worms die is also well though out.

A special mention has to go to the new worms song. If you leave the game on the options menu for a while you will get a guy doing a Sean Connery impression sort-of-singing the life of Bogey-B, the bravest worm that ever lived.

Worms is a game which is hard to review, because it relies more on your personal perception of these types of puzzle games. If you have Worms on any other format then there is little point in purchasing this version as nothing has changed. The 2D visuals may put some off, even by today's 2D standards the graphics look dated but Worms is a game which concentrates on game play over graphics. It is hard to believe but Worms is actually very tactical. Probably not up to the standards of the RTS games, but like any good puzzle game a certain element of tactics is employed to win. Sadly this normally ends up with you placing your worm on top of the CPU's worm head. The CPU worm does not know what to do and you hardly ever take any damage. Even with this little annoyance, the game is constantly fun and one that you will return to again and again.

Put simply Worms Armageddon is a very fun game, more so when you play it with your friends. However the game does not support on-line play. A new version is to be released, and so you may want to wait for that one, otherwise pop down your local shop and pick up a copy of Worms Armageddon you will not regret it.

Sam Ant Smith,

-- "the worminator!"




Good worm graphics, the levels are brightly coloured but quite basic.
Sound 7 Excellent vocal samples give your worms character. Music is average. The Worm song will change you outlook and make you a worm patriot.
Gameplay 7 Worms is good fun, for everyone. Even girls like the ickle tiny worms.
Lifespan 7

With many different single player missions and the additional customisable features, Worms Armageddon will last you a long while.


"War! HUH!

What is it good for?

…Worms apparently."


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Developer Team 17
Publisher Microprose
Genre Puzzle
Players 1-4
Extras Rumble, arcade stick


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