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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Developer Celador
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Genre Quiz
Players 1-4
Rumble No
Extras who cares?

I have a dilemma, I have to review this game, but I’m going to tell you right now that it’s the biggest pile of pooh that I’ve seen drop out of (Ed: I had better stop him there!) So where was I, oh yes, do I discuss the latest football results or do I review this game? I suppose being professional is what DCS is all about, so lets quickly get through this pain, because quite frankly, it ain't worth the web space this review is printed on!                              

So ‘WWTBAM’ then, you know what it’s about, you have seen the show countless times, but now its here on the DC, the machine that showed us ‘Shenmue’ and ‘Soul Calibur’. It’s identical to the show, Chris Tarrant and his annoying voice, and the three lifelines, and it’s all crap! The graphics of the game are bland, while they are accurate, why would you waste money on this when you can have the likes of ‘MSR’ for the same price? There is very little motion as usually it’s a simple blank screen with a ridiculously hard question while you look up the answer on Encarta. Complete tosh comes to mind.


There is a measly 1000 questions, so not before long things will start to repeat themselves. Amazingly, the beginning questions appear harder than the later ones! But I ask you this, why was the show so tense and the successful? It was because you knew that someone was putting £124,000 on the line or that they could win a quarter of a million. Yet everyone in the family knew the answer and was screaming it out! Yet, load this up and get an answer correct and you win…erm…sod all! What’s the point in all this?


Be honest with yourself, could you really imagine Grandma, Granddad, Bother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Mum and Dad all huddling around your Dreamcast come Christmas day to play a good old classic game of WWTBAM? Of course not, that’s why we have board games! So let’s finish it there! You know the score, you already had a peak at it! The options are poor and you win nothing! Single player is cack and multiplayer a bore. I won’t even bother to put pictures up, simply go to your local game store and look at the case, all the graphics you see there on the case is the game! This game is utter *pooh*…and yes…that is my final answer!




Bland, boring, dull. Why else did you buy a state of the art machine?
Sound 2 Annoying voice of Chris Tarrant, and the musical heartbeat sound you get from the show…wow this is tense!
Gameplay 1 It lasted me half an hour, so that was over a pound a minute for entertainment. If you played this longer than I did, then you are truly one of God’s miracles
Lifespan 2

You may come back to this in the space age of 2050 AD to giggle at how stupid you were at spending money on it!

Overall 1.0

“A fine example of how developers try and earn a quick buck. I strongly recommend the board game. I wouldn’t even send a copy of this to a PlayStation player, its just too cruel”



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