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Fifi here again for you weekly dose of the inside Sega sagas.

Over the last few weeks numerous reports on Sega's demise have been posted across websites and magazines. The painful fact was that everyone else seemed to know before us, the little people at Sega Europe. But if we think about it Sega making just games isn't that bad. Personally I rather be playing Sega games on the ps2, than not playing them at all - and that seems to be the winning mentality here. However with all this change Sega have hired the genius behind Pokemon to aid us in our work.

"Dreamcast's Gotta catch them all!"

The Christmas sales games results came in. Shenmue was top for the Dreamcast in both sales…and returns! It seems that the majority of Sega gamers were expecting more, and possibly if they had played a demo before hand would not have purchased the game. But the money that Shenmue made would have been enough for us to advertise more, this time on games than football teams.

As you can probably guess being a PR for Sega at the moment is not good, with every one already giving up on the dc. Last week my office got sent a whole collection of beta discs for Daytona 2001; Fighting Vipers 2; Phantasy Star Online, and Grandia 2. First reports are great. Daytona is a favourite of mine, as all I have to do is put it in automatic and I only have 2 buttons to press. Excellent! Only to buttons to satisfy me…Men could learn stuff from that.

Fighting Vipers 2 caused a stir as all the men were destroying Honey's armour. It is unsure whether her name will be changed back to Candy for the UK. However as in all fighting games men feature more than women, and Tokio was my favourite, Raxel's chest was oh-kay, it just needed some hairs.

Sent the beta games off to men's magazines, I have seen the preview copy text. Standard fare with men perving over Honey's knickers. However they may actually have a point. There is an attack that she does called 'Taste of Honey' where she jumps up puts her legs over the opponents shoulders so her crotch is in there face, then they fall to the ground. Maybe the opponent fainted…maybe Honey needs to wash a bit down there. Dirty Girl, and to think I share my name with her.

At least all those VF-X rumours were dismissed, so it is Virtua Fighter 4 and it is appear on ps2 and dc. The more I think about Sega being a 3rd party developer the more I get to like it. Lastly to all those EA workers who have been insulting us in the press;

'Bring it on'

We do original games, you scared yet?

Fifi Honey

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