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Space Channel 5 

Developer  Sega
Publisher  Sega
Genre  Dance 'em up!
Players  1
Rumble  Yes
Extras  --


"For all people who love music, dance and games."

The ending message of Space Channel 5 [SC5] sums up the game perfectly, it would probably be the shortest review ever, but lets try to build on this.

The future… its quite a nice place, we join up with Ulala [I prefer to pronounce it Oh la la]. She is a news reporter for Space Channel 5.

However recently Space Channel 5 has been losing its viewing figures to channel 42 and pirate television stations, fortunately things are about to change for the Morolians are coming and who has the scoop? That’s right Space Channel 5.  


Ulala gets ready to kick some alien butt... on the dance floor! You go girlfriend!!!

The dance off sequences that make up the bulk of the game are the simple "simon says" repeating exercises. To control Ulala successfully you have the "A" button to shoot the Morolians, the "B" button to save hostages, and the Left; Right; Up and Down. Oh going down on Ulala…Once you have familiarised yourself with Ulala and what makes her go, you simply repeat the motions that the Morolians do. Each dance sequence equips Ulala with a selection of hearts, if all of these disappear then your show is cancelled.


Each character in SC5 looks different and has their own dance movements. When you successful rescue them they will join Ulala and everyone will dance along together in time. Some of the characters you rescue have special actions and when you rescue these characters Ulala and everyone else who she has rescued will copy their movements. For example when you rescue Puddings guitar player Ulala will play air guitar! One of the best things about SC5 is the way that you can get around 20 people strutting along behind Ulala. Until you see this in action you can not appreciate it, but believe me when I say it is cool.  

On her travels Ulala meets up with rival reporters who each want the Morolian scoop. The first is Pudding, however not the type you use your spoon on…..but the reporter for Channel 42. The second reporter is Jaguar who has his own pirate television station. These battles also take on the same dance off routine, but are slightly harder.


Sound wise the music is excellent. The camp style is good, none of this "I'm free!" nonsense. The musical tracks are cool and will keep you humming for weeks…humming the tunes, not humming as in smelling - though if you don't wash then you will. Think of it as a public service announcement!


SC5 only has 4 levels which you will finish fairly quickly, before you complain Crazy taxi only has 2 levels. Like the latter SC5 is not a game of sorts but a fun distraction, anyway when you finish the game you get to play the 4 levels again! But you get alternative routes with new dance competitions.

Ulala and all the humans she rescues dance in real time, they are all low polygon models but that is due to the style of the game.


The backgrounds are all pre-rendered MPEG movies which Ulala is placed on top of.

"My contact lens!" Cried Ulala, as one fell to the floor after a particularly kinky dance move

Most of the time this works fine but occasionally the backgrounds do skip frames, but nothing to really detract from the game. The second problem is the timing sometimes when the music speeds up you will begin messing up, to correct this when you think you should press the button, you should have done it before hand. Thinking ahead is the name of the game, and after a few frustrating move mess ups your fingers will be able to control Ulala to a tee.


SC5 is a must buy game, it is also popular with the ladies, though don't base your whole technique on this. Pretty girls will not want to hear about you Up down, up down, shoot, shoot, shoot techniques, especially when you try and explain that it was with another girl wearing PVC. Any game which features the lead character changing costumes for every level demands your respect. Continuing the trend of Dreamcast games, knicker shots are obligatory. Before you even get to control Ulala she has flashed her knickers three times. They are orange by the way, not black so don't get too excited.


Space Channel 5 should be saluted for how it has taken the music/rhythm game and made it so much fun, lets hope that the sequel features Cheerleaders, oh and more importantly a 2 player mode. 2 Ulala's playing together.


Before this review gets banished to the stop shelf I shall finish it the way the game does.

"For all people who love music, dance and games."

Having now come full circle, the crux, that’s crux not crutch of the review is that you should buy this game. It is fun and you will play it often, even when you have completed it. Music games have never been this good.

The Morolians are an alien race who have landed on Earth and are capturing the human race by putting them in a hypnotic trance via their crazy dance moves. These aliens are so good that no one can compare, that is until Ulala begins her broadcast.

Sam Smith




Stylised characters and Backgrounds suit the fun nature of the game.
Sound 9 Music is fantastic. The director's English voice is about the best we are going to get.
Gameplay 7 Difficult one this, the game is very repetitive but it is enjoyable.
Lifespan 7

4 Levels with alternative routes is questionable, but when you have completed it you will often come back for a quick Ulala fix.


"Space Channel 5 [stupid arm movement]"

[Ed - erm.. forget it]

By Andy

Remember my preview? Remember how much I wanted this game to come out? Well, it is! And I have to tell you, it is AMAZING! From start to finish, Space Channel 5 (SC5) will fill you with colour, joy and music! This game has so many moments that will either want to make you laugh out loud or completely frustrate the hell out of you. From your dance-off with Evila, to the thing that comes out of the TV, you will love every moment of this game. However, SC5 is a short game. I managed to complete the game 3 times within the space of around 3 hours. But notice the 3 in there. Yes, I have completed the game 3 times! And I am all set to do it again! And this is all in one day! 3 times in one day! It doesn’t matter much at all that the game doesn’t last long, because the replay value is high. You will want to come back to see Ulala strut her stuff again and again. There is incentive to do so too! The promise of different routes through the stages, the need to collect character profiles for EVERYONE, as well as the longing for perfection!

The graphics are some of the best on the Dreamcast, and not because of their polygon count. It is the style and grace of the graphics that makes it so damn good! Ulala and her crew look amazing when they dance! I could just watch them dance all day long! The sound is also of merit in this game. Voices are brilliant and music is just fabulous! Overall, another masterpiece for Sega. It misses out on full marks only because of the shortness and the fact that it could have had a two-player mode also.

9/10 - “Get your dancing shoes on, and be prepared not to take them off for a while. Ulala will be in your DC for a while, and on your mind for a lot longer!!!”



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Sam Smith



1-3 are original captures by Faz

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