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Crazy Taxi 2 details...

26-Feb 01:19

Posted by Michael

Okay, so PS2 owners are getting the original in April, and Xbox owners are getting the third next year, but in a few months, all those faithful to the DC will be getting the 2nd in the series! It’s currently 60% complete, and looking similar to the original, what we do know at the moment is that the new city will be based in New York, it will have more traffic than the original, there will be 4 all new characters similar to CT1’s but whether the original crew will feature in it or not is currently unknown. Even more interestingly, there will now be a jump button! Unfortunately, No online play or multiplayer modes are planned. We should be seeing this gem to be this summer!!!
DC loses more exclusives :(
Okay, we’ve got over Zombie Revenge, Crazy Taxi, 18 wheeler, SC5 game and Virtua Fighter 4 going to PS2 as well as/instead of DC, but now Sega GT and Sega Bass Fishing are heading to the PC! (Oh well at least it isn’t another console!) Empire have just swiped the rights to publish both games on PC, which will add to their back catalogue of Sega games including Sega Rally 2, The Typing of the Dead, and House of the Dead 2!
Sega Vs K-Mart, round 2 FIGHT!!
Remember that argument between K-Mart and Sega a while ago? Well now it’s back, and involves Sega filing a $2.2 million law suit against K-Mart, as like Sega said, they sold Dreamcasts and Software to customers, and then didn’t pay Sega back for it…cheeky bunch! More on this as we find out!
Black and White finished
Well, the PC version of Black and White has just gone gold.  No news yet on a release date for DC version, but it can’t be that far off.   As always we’ll let you know when a release date for the DC version is confirmed…Time to mess with the Gods again, and I aren’t talking about playing tricks on Faz!
Game gear resurrection!
In America, Majesco have got the rights to manufacture those little Game Gears from 10 years ago! They will be retailing the machine sometime soon for $29.99 and releasing new games to go with it, as well as resurrecting some classics! The GGs will only be available exclusively through Toys R Us (Hmmm, maybe the UK Toys R Us will reduce it’s stock of old Game Gears from £79.99 now!)


Unreal Tournament details...

28-Jan 16:08

Posted by Faz

Just when you thought you had it all with Quake 3 Arena, in comes Unreal Tournaments to help the Dreamcast raise it's head proudly to the FPS genre.  Unreal Tournament [UT] for the DC will include:

Broadband support - If you've got one of these monsters, then frag online with less lagging (delay in onscreen actions due to connection speed).

8-player over-line play - That's double that of Quake 3 Arena!

65 maps - Yes!  Who cares if we cannot download new arenas?  With 65 maps we got no complaints!

VGA support - Just like Quake 3 Arena, you can hook UT up to your crystal clear PC monitor and enjoy super-sharp looking graphics!

4 player split screen - Prepare for mayhem, cuz when you've got 4 players on the one console it gets a bit hectic!

Madcatz Panther controller compatibility - Remember that cool looking joystick that was released a while back?  Well, you can use it with UT!

Unreal Tournament is scheduled for release on the 1st March 2001 in the USA and 30th March 2001 for the UK.


X-Box to play Dreamcast games?

28-Jan 16:08

Posted by Faz

A few days back rumours were circulating about the possibility that the X-Box (Microsoft's upcoming console) would be able to play Dreamcast games!  Both Microsoft and SEGA are denying this, claiming that the X-Box will not include a Dreamcast chipset.  I personally think that if this rumour did turn out to be true, it would be for the best with regards to SEGA.  Next year the Dreamcast will have stiff 3 way competition from Playstation 2, GameCube and Microsoft.  SEGA will be able to broaden their target market if the X-Box can play the Dreamcast games, hence make more money.  X-Box owners would be able to appreciate the true talent that SEGA posses.  I'd love to see the look on PS2 owners faces when both DC and X-Box owners get to play the likes of Crazy Taxi 2 and Shenmue 2!  Time will tell..


F355 to go onto PS2?

27-Jan 23:06

Posted by Michael

Well, a news story on SegaWeb mentions a US retailer has put the DCs crown jewel racer Ferrari F355 challenge up, as a Playstation 2 title to be available from September this year, now could this be one of those 5 PlayStation 2 titles Sega have confirmed they are in negotiations over?
A major blow for any proud DC owning racer fan (like myself)! We'll bring you more on this as we find out.


SEGA to combat piracy head on

21-Jan 19:51

Posted by Faz

SEGA are making a serious move to counter the increasing amount of piracy that is plaguing the poor Dreamcast console.  An updated console is being sold, that patches up a glitch in the BIOS of the original system, which allowed punters to play their home-brewed copies.  Known as 'back-ups', by the dealers to save their own asses, the pirated games fit on a conventional CD-ROM by means of compression and by excluding FMV footage, or even soundtracks in some cases.  All the existing Dreamcast models will be restocked with the 2nd-generation model as they are sold.  Oh incase you're wondering, the new version will still be able to play Audio CDs.  If you ask me, I bet the older systems will be in greater demand than the new stuff.. hmm.. wonder why...  
Illbleed release date set for Japan
That flickin gore tastic Illbleed has a release date of the 29th March set for Japan.  The publishing was taken over by Jaleco after Sega apparently dropped the title.  The US should see the game soon after but it seems that there is still no publisher to distribute the title for European, nooo!  Let's just hope.. or else I'm off to the import shop!    


A chest of news for ya all!

04-Jan 23:17

Posted by Michael

Good News for beat ‘em up fans. Capcom have just announced a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 5, sadly a Dreamcast Conversion of the now fully 3D series looks unlikely as it has been switched from the NAOMI chipset to Namco’s Playstation 2 compatible System 246.

Famitsu has posted their sales charts from the last issue, dated Dec. 28. Phantasy Star Online grabbed the No. 8 spot, with 80,666 units sold since its launch on Dec. 21. Also on the list is Let's Make a J-League Pro Soccer Club!, which took the No. 7 spot with its 85,991 units

Lucky Americans have had the Broadband Adapter confirmed for a January 9th release, which means they’ve not only beaten to having a console with online capabilities, but they’ve beaten them to the lightning connections Sony proudly claimed they were waiting for.  It will only be available from and will cost $59.99

Off Roader, 4x4 Evolution is evolving! Extra tracks will be downloadable from the official web site. Also tracks created on the PC track editor will be downloadable onto the DC VMU to be used in the DC version, Cool huh? Now we need this for a good game!


It's the X-Box, baby!

04-Jan 23:17

Posted by Andy

Yes, that SEGA friendly company known as Microsoft and their much anticipated X-Box console... WOW! First pictures are out! Published in a feature in American EGM magazine, these guys beat Microsoft to it! The grand unvieling of the X-Box is set for this Saturday, but it looks like we have an early viewing!
One thing though... the controller reminds me of the Dreamcast pad. While that is no bad thing, why copy SEGA when you have such a huge budget to spend on creating a controller? Maybe it's just because the DC pad is excellent!
Well, it looks like the console itself has a front loading DVD tray... which is nice. And there is a big green light on top. Hmm... Well, lets put it this way. IT'S FAR BETTER THAN THE 'SEQUEL'!

We don't want to post up these unofficial tacky images, we would rather treat you to the OFFICIAL high res screens that will be on this site this coming weekend, so stay tuned!


Phantasy Star Online to hit the shops EARLY!

04-Jan 22:52

Posted by Andy

It looks like SEGA are going to do it again! Last time we saw this was with Shenmue, which was released a week early! Well, PSO is being moved forward from its original release dat of February 23rd to the 9th! Cool, huh?
SEGA making games for Ninty? YES!
It's true! SEGA are making games for the GameBoy Colour and the soon-to-be-released GameBoy Colour! Well, I suppose that is good, 'cos SEGA haven't got a handheld of their own... Looks like there is a mini partnership going on! Anything between SE4GA and Nintendo is good!


Wild Riders: The next Jet Set Radio?

02-Jan 19:50

Posted by Andy

SEGA has a treat in store for us in the coming year, that is for sure! A game with all the graphical style of Jet Set Radio and the controversial gameplay too, Wild Riders will be released in the arcades of Japan later this year. Utilising the new NAOMI 2 arcade boards power, this game looks amazing! Your task is to race away from the cops on your motorbike, pulling off tricks on your way to get past the many obstacles in your way (i.e. - over turned trucks or road blocks). A wild combination of Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio... SEGA can't possibly fail to make this game a hit!


NO!!! Say it ain't so!

29-Dec 02:14

Posted by Andy

Oh dear! It looks as if we will never be seeing a sequel to Space Channel 5! Thats right, space cats! Ulala may never grace our screens in the funky dance game again! The president of Sega of America, Peter Moore stated in a recent interview with IGNDC that a Space Channel 5 sequel "doesn't exist and probably never will."
BUT... and there is a big BUT.... the president himself (Sega of America's president, silly!) said that sexy space reporter Ulala could well appear in another game and be a glimmering star in another genre. We can only hope! But I really just need to cry now... No sequel! :(


Stone me! Sega are promoting at last!

19-Dec 18:38

Posted by Andy

It looks like Sega are trying to (at last) advertise their games and console to a broader audience! Included in the next issue of The Rolling Stone music magazine will be a demo disc including demos of Speed Devils Online and Pod: Speedzone! Both games will have online racing capabilities, when released.  Sounds cool to me! Lets hope that promotion at this stage of the game works, and gives Sega a needed boost!

Speed Zone Speed Devils Online


Crazy PS2 owners get a Taxi!

13-Dec 14:27

Posted by Michael

Now this may sound shocking, but latest rumours suggest that as part of the Deal Sega made with Acclaim to publish F355 in Europe and America, Acclaim managed to get permission to publish some of Sega's Arcade games to PS2, the games in question were 18 Wheeler, Zombie Revenge and Crazy Taxi,
The only game currently expected to actually materialise is Crazy Taxi, a huge blow for the DC you might think, exactly what I did, but then looking deeper into it, it might just have been a damn clever move from Sega.
Now this is expected around X-mas 2001, well, how many people are gonna buy a DC for Crazy Taxi then? Not many, but think how much the can make outta them game starved PS2 owners desperate to play some good games! More money for DC projects and sortin Sega's financial situation out, also...DC owners will have been thrashing away with Crazy Taxi 2 for a good 6 months. Then there is the Memory worries over PS2, Crazy Taxi can be one hell of a VRAM eater, DC has 8 Megs of the stuff, lovely for pushing those nice textures that make M-SR look so good, also added texture compression so that they eat less of the memory, PS2 has 4Meg, and NO compression, also a lack of Full Screen Anti Aliasing leading to the possibility of a 2 year old DC game looking worse newly released on PS2 than it did on DC.
Only time will tell, but I think Sega may have a cunning plan up their sleeves with this, so don't throw your DC away just yet.


Phantasy Star Online rated one of the top three EVER in Japan!

13-Dec 12:53

Posted by Andy

Famitsu magazine, the mag that makes or breaks games in the Land of the Rising Sun, has just reviewed PSO. And guess what? It has been ranked alongside 'Zelda: Ocarina of Time' and 'Soul Calibur' as one of the greatest games ever! With a top notch 40/40, PSO is the second DC game to get such an honour. Isn't that fantastic? Two exclusive Dreamcast titles that have been deemed the best!!! Hold on... there wasn't a PlayStation game in there! HAHAHA! It seems that Sega and Nintendo truly are the best!!!  Don't forget to download our exclusive Phantasy Star Online wallpaper and read the preview!


Sega and Namco in arcade deal

13-Dec 12:53

Posted by Andy

If you didn't know, Namco (creators of Soul Calibur) have been having a few financial troubles lately, mainly due to their arcade sector which isn't doing too well. So, the great Sega have stepped in, and as of 1st April 2001, will be taking over the distribution of Namco arcade games across Japan! With this tight partnership, it seems that us Dreamcast owners may be in for some rather groovy DC exclusive titles from Namco in the future!


Toy Racer date set, and a surprise or two..

11-Dec 18:38

Posted by Faz

The anticipated 'sequel' to Toy Commander will be hitting our shores on the 15th of December. Boasting power ups, crazy circuits and a wacky online multiplayer mode where you can battle it out with 3 other mates will make this game a blast! The best part is that the game will cost just £4.99 and get this, £1 of this will go to a charity. Incredible! Sega are just the best!


Quake 3 Arena released on the DC 

08-Dec 15:11

Posted by Faz

Get ready for non stop fragging on your Dreamcast, courtesy of Quake 3 Arena.  Not to worry about the not-exactly-Ferrari-speed 33.6 Kb/s Dreamcast modem.  Sega of Europe have assured us that the online action will not disappoint, although there is a limit to 4 players in an online match.  A keyboard and mouse will be favoured over the Dreamcast controller for those accustomed to the world of PC first person shooters.  You can pick up Quake 3, a keyboard and official mouse for just £74.99 from DreamArena.  Our partners Gameswire have a Quake 3 + mouse deal for a comfy £57.99.  Frag in peace...


Triple arcade pack confirmed! Yipee!

02-Dec 19:33

Posted by Andy

Have you ever heard of fantastic arcade games 'Emergency Call Ambulence', 'Jambo Safari' and Brave Firefighters'? They were all made by SEGA, and are now confirmed to be hitting the Dreamcast very soon! What is even better is that the three games will all come on ONE DISC! That is right, you will get 3 amazing SEGA arcade games for the price of one! Looks like it could be a case of 'Crazy Taxi' all over again! Lets hope so!!!


They say you’re ready to tackle the real world at 18…not in Sony’s case!

01-Dec 22:45

Posted by Craig

Sony fans be afraid…very afraid. Figures today show that Sony is in big trouble with the PS2 here in the UK. There is still speculation that not even the 80,000 units made it through! But even worse reading are the game charts for the week. “Tekken Tag Tournament” sold over 15,000 copies being top of the PS2 charts, however, “Fantavision” sold just 825 copies, yet wait, there’s more! “Midnight Club” sold a whopping 18! Was that a typo? Let me say that again.18! Huh? 18…yes, that’s right. It looks as though Sony’s success will kill them; they saturated their own market! Merry Christmas Sega and Nintendo!


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