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Do you have the talent to contribute to this site?  If you think so, read on. 

Where can I help out?

Possible areas of work include games reviewing, previewing, collecting relevant gaming news and writing features and articles.  

What skills do I need?

You need to have great writing skills.  We're not asking for Shakespeare, but look around the site.  If you can write as good as us, then you're up for the job.  A substantial amount of gaming knowledge also helps.

But.. im a 14 year old gay who likes to play with Barbie dolls....

Doesn't matter!  Age, sex, location, interests and sexuality have zero influence!  As long as you have the required skills for the job, we don't mind if you even if you play with disgusting things like.. yuk!

hmm.. sounds like I'm up for it, what now?

Write to us and we'll get back to you.  Supplying us with some previous work as an attachment or URL helps.




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