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Dream Saves

The largest collection of PAL DC saves - Download them in straight to your VMU, or to your PC.  DC saves are basically the files that are saved onto your VMU.  By downloading saved files, you can get hidden levels, players, costumes or further in games.   

Sega Weekly  

One of our first affiliates.  Sega Weekly have the usual stuff, as well as a cool weekly e-zine.
Dreamcast Gamer  
As a UK biased site, they offer reviews, previews, features as well as release dates coupled with a sleek design.  The site can even be accessed through WAP!
Outpost Sega
A cool site with daily updates and some cool articles, Outpost Sega has 'everything Sega'!
Sega Swirl
Reviews, previews, news and downloads you'd expect from a top Dreamcast site
Sega Eye
Another UK Dreamcast site with the usual DC stuff
Sega Gamers
Not bad, it's going through a re-design at the moment so expect a lot more soon.

Javs Game Wallpapers

A haven for Nintendo, Dreamcast, Playstation 2 and PC game desktop wallpapers

Ryo's Place 
All the Shenmue Information you can handle. Shenmue Reviews, Previews, History, music, cheats, and a whole lot more!

The ultimate site for survival horror fans!  In-depth coverage of Resident Evil 3, Code Veronica, Dino Crisis, Parasite Eve 2 and more.  

Sam Smith's very own site.  Some very cool stuff indeed, including his 3D animations portfolio, Street Fighter coverage and more.
UK Mp3 Music
Our very first MP3 site affiliate.  They have the Top 20 UK charts in MP3 format, as well as an archive.  A a reliable source for MP3s


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