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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 

Publisher Virgin
Genre Action/Adventure
Players 1
Rumble Yes
Extras none

Old evil is still good evil

Resident Evil has been a staple of horror survival fans everywhere, and now it comes to Dreamcast.  In the 3rd installment of the resident evil series you take control of Jill, the lead character in RE 1.  She is inexplicably in a tube top (I wonder why Capcom did that?), and you are chased by an ugly S.O.B. named Nemesis.  This genetically created monster will dog your steps throughout the game.  The opening sequence shows the events prior to Jill trying to escape the now zombie infested Raccoon, and you take control of her afterwards (for newbies go on easy mode you start out with an assault rifle yummy).

hmm.. on the topic of yummy... lovely Jill prepare for action...

The graphics are well good to say the least.  Don’ t expect any miracles like CV, the graphics have been slightly renovated from the PSX version.  The complaints about the pixels are unfounded.  There are fewer pixels than in the PSX one.  People are expecting a bit too much form the port.  Capcom added some frames to the animation; the in game cut scenes look less choppy now.    The characters look crisper than in the PSX version because of the increase in resolution.  The backgrounds are still pre-rendered, so there are some problems with the camera at times. Oh, and the cut scenes kick ass!

A face only his mother could love...

The sound is excellent.  It is very clear, and the music is ok.  The sound effects are reliable and sound very cool.  The voice acting has improved a little bit form the previous REs (excluding Carlos).  Some times the Nemesis music can get on your nerves; all in all not a bad job.

The game play is what you look for in an action game, ACTION!  The game has many puzzles, a great variety of weapons, and a good story.  The weapons are my fave.  You have an assortment of handguns to mine throwers, that’s right mine throwers.  The action hardly ever drags, and the cut scenes are pretty eye candy for motivation.  Even the decisions you make effect the out come of the story.  After about the third time you encounter Nemesis he starts to piss you off instead of scaring you.  So you can always get him back when you have unlimited rocket launcher! The Mercenary mode is a great addition.  You can earn points to earn weapons and ammo.  The monsters are in great variety, zombies, zombie dog, giant worms, drain demos, brain suckers, hunters, and of course Nemesis himself.  If you play your cards right you can have a special someone give you a lift at the end of the game.  In addition to the mercenary mode you can get extra costumes, unlimited ammo, and epilogues for the surviving characters.

Is Resident Evil 3 worth your hard earned cash?  Well I’ll let you decide.  IF you are a hardcore RE fan you have to have this one.  If you have never played you should buy it too.  If you’re Andy use it like a bible.  Bottom line is this is another port but its one of the better ports this holiday season.




not up to Dreamcast standards but we have seen worse
Sound 8.5 form the boom of the shotgun to the moans of a zombie the game covers it
Gameplay 9.0 the whole reason why you bought this game now go out there and kick some zombie ass
Lifespan 8.0

Mad Jackal, costumes, epilogues and unlimited weapons, who gets tired of that?


"A fine port to the Dreamcast, will keep you busy for hours"

By sam

Capcom seem intent to give all DC owners the complete Resident Evil adventure. What's next Resident Evil 1.5? No Resident Evil 3.  

Resident Evil 3 is the most disappointing of the series, mainly because it is linked to closely to Res2. I am well aware that this is deliberate, but it would have worked much better if the 'B' games of Res2 was Res3. Resident Evil 3 introduces a few new features to the genre, most notably the quick turn. This is a good idea. One idea which I really take a disliking to is the difficulty level option. Previously the characters have been the 'difficulty' but with only Jill running around like a headless chicken [zombie] players can play 'easy' Jill or 'hard' Jill. The easy section is stupidly easy, you start off with most of the weapons available - a magnum from the start! So in short just stick to the hard setting. I believe by giving us a really easy difficulty setting Capcom are trying to boost the replay level of Res3.

As for the Dreamcast exclusive there are none. All the secrets are available from the start, with the exception of Jill's diary. The backgrounds look amazing, as do the characters…most of the time.

In the cut scenes the characters look like they are on a polygon diet, Jill talks without moving her mouth, also the DC honours its psx rival by whirring like a mad whirring thing during the cutscenes.. Capcom should have thought of a way around this. Res3 also see's the return of Jill's amateur dramatics training. In the cut scenes Jill will wave her hands around [allegedly in a dramatic fashion] but in all honesty it looks like she is trying to signal to a landing plane.

The puzzles are a direct return to the standard fare. Go to point A, get object, then go to point B. A couple of the puzzles have multiple codes which change depending on what difficulty setting you play on. Each time you complete the game you get the 'epilogue' files. These files tell you what happens to the characters after Res3, most of them are predictable, we all knew Ada survived…I mean she fell to her death with the G-Virus. The only epilogue file of any interest is the one concerning Leon and the opportunity he was given..did he take it? Well I don't think so as Claire was still able to contact him in Code: Veronica…even though she ran out into the forest directly after the ending of Res2, but I digress.

Resident Evil 3 is in no way a bad game, it is just the worst in a good series [baring Gun: Survivor]. Resident Evil fans should go out and by it. People who have never played a Res game before should go for either one or two of the best Res games; Code: Veronica, or Res2.

Here's hoping that Resident Evil 4 finishes off this Umbrella saga, and takes survival horror in a new direction.  

Overall 6/10

You [excessive hand movements] Whirr whirr… work for Whirr Whirrr Umbrella! [excessive hand movements continue]"

[Ed: Exactly what Sam is getting at with these "hand" movements is beyond me, they probably have something to do with RE3, but then again this is Sam we are talking about!]


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