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Don't you just think that the picture of Shadow looks darn cool?  I don't mean any old cool, I mean darn cool!  Oh right, hasn't it loaded up yet? Bah, 56K modems.. Anyway just before Mike left for Switzerland he reviewed Sonic Adventure 2!  So it is my duty to present to you, ladies and gentle, the review!  Oh man I love my job ^_^  Review >>



Reviewer 2nd opinion Extras
Capcom Vs Snk Sam - screens
Crazy Taxi Faz Andy 20 original screens, wallpaper, MP3s
Chu Chu Rocket Andy - screens
Code Veronica Faz Andy 36 original screens, wallpaper
Confidential Mission Sam - screens
Daytona USA 2001 [1] [2] Sam / Alex - screens
Dead or Alive 2 Faz Andy 38 original screens, wallpapers, MP3s
Dino Crisis Sam - screens
Ecco the Dolphin Craig Mike screens
Ferrari 355  Mike - screens
Fighting Vipers 2 Sam - screens
Grandia 2 Sam - screens
Guilty Gear X Sam - screens
Hidden & Dangerous Craig - screens
House of the dead 2 Sam Craig screens
Hydro Thunder Mike - screens
Jet Set Radio Faz Sam screens, wallpapers, MP3s
Le Mans 24 Hours Sam Mike screens
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Sam - screens
Metropolis Street Racer Craig - screens, wallpaper
Power Stone Andy Craig screens
Puyo Puyo 4 Sam - screens
Quake 3 Arena Sam - screens, MP3s
Rainbow Cotton Sam - original screens
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis [1] [2] Matt / Andy Sam screens, wallpaper
Samba De Amigo version 2000 Sam - screens
Sega GT Sam Faz screens, wallpapers
Shenmue Craig Mike screens, wallpaper
Skies of Arcadia Misagh - screens, wallpaper
Soul Calibur Andy Faz 34 original screens

Sonic Adventure

Craig - screens
Sonic Adventure 2 Michael - screens, wallpaper
Sonic Shuffle Misagh - screens
Space Channel 5 Sam Andy screens, wallpaper
Spider-man Misagh - screens
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Sam - screens, wallpaper
Street Fighter 3rd Strike Sam - screens
The Nomad Soul Andy - screens
Tech Romancer Sam - screens
Tomb Raider 4 Sam Andy screens
Toy Racer Mike - original screens
Virtua Striker 2 2000.1 Craig - screens
Virtua Tennis Craig Mike screens
Wacky Races Sam - screens
Who wants to be a millionaire? Craig - screens
Worms Armageddon Sam - screens
Worms World Party Misagh - screens


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Soul Calibur

Metropolis Street Racer

Daytona USA 2001

Code Veronica


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